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Mar 20 2012

Scientific American Calls for “Heavy-Handed” Planetary Dictatorship

For anyone who doesn’t get it yet, Scientific American spells it out in words of one syllable. Environmentalist ideology boils down to the ultimate dream of progressives: one-world totalitarian government from which no human can escape.

A policy article authored by several dozen scientists appeared online March 15 in Science to acknowledge this point: “Human societies must now change course and steer away from critical tipping points in the Earth system that might lead to rapid and irreversible change. This requires fundamental reorientation and restructuring of national and international institutions toward more effective Earth system governance and planetary stewardship.”

The report summarized 10 years of research evaluating the capability of international institutions to deal with climate and other environmental issues, an assessment that found existing capabilities to effect change sorely lacking. The authors called for a “constitutional moment” at the upcoming 2012 U.N. Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio in June to reform world politics and government.

Turning over still more of our sovereignty and inevitably our money to the petty tyrant bureauweenies of the bloated and corrupt UN was proposed once again. However…

Unfortunately, far more is needed. To be effective, a new set of institutions would have to be imbued with heavy-handed, transnational enforcement powers. There would have to be consideration of some way of embracing head-in-the-cloud answers to social problems that are usually dismissed by policymakers as academic naivete. In principle, species-wide alteration in basic human behaviors would be a sine qua non

In other words, what would be a sine qua non (an essential element or condition) to inflict poverty and socialism on the entire planet in the name of moonbats’ global warming fantasies would be a brutal planetary regime able to impose its insane will on every aspect of every human’s life.

The green ideology of the Establishment Left isn’t just flakey. It is raw evil.

Imagining an entire planet enslaved.

On tips from Dave H and Metryq. Hat tip: Watts Up With That?

23 Responses to “Scientific American Calls for “Heavy-Handed” Planetary Dictatorship”

  1. StanInTexas says:

    Well, OF COURSE they need more money.

    If they do not have large amounts of cash, how will these estemeed scientists save us from Global Cooling… er… I mean Global Warming… ah… I mean CLIMATE CHANGE!

    Remember, we only have 10 years left to do something about this disaster. And they have been telling us this since the 1970’s, so we had better listen THIS TIME!!!!!

    {/sarcasm OFF}

  2. Dr. 9 says:

    The Left understand that generally speaking, people are becoming weaker, dumber, and even more distracted, which is why the radical Left is pushing their agenda harder than ever before. They are also trying to put as many of their radical policies in place as they can, in the event the Marxist-in-Chief loses in Nov.

  3. Henry says:

    Prog fascism going global…

  4. Einstein's ghost says:

    I haven’t seen a copy of non-Scientific American in 25 years. I’m surprized to learn it’s still being published.

  5. AC says:

    I guess Snake has one last escape to make.

  6. Beef says:

    To be effective, a new set of institutions would have to be imbued with heavy-handed, transnational enforcement powers.

    Said from an underground headquarters while stroking Mr. Bigglesworth.

  7. J says:

    This mirrors mad scientist and Obama’s science czar’s “Planetary Regime.”

  8. notPropertyOfTheState says:

    When is the month of the article? S.A. has a history of cranking out a spoof article every April issue (April Fools Day stuff)

    Of course they prolly wouldn’t be kidding about something like this but just keep it in mind….

  9. J says:

    The date of the article is March 17th.

    Regardless, John Holdren’s “Planetary Regime” was no April Fool’s joke.

  10. So Cal Jim says:

    Al Gore and the Greenies are working overtime to establish their vision of a one world, “heavy-handed, transnational” Enviro-Nazi police state and the UN is the perfect vehicle with which they can inflict their nightmare on the planet. Of course, some nations will never feel the weight of the UN’s environmental heavy hands. China, Russia and the Muslim nations will all sign on and then immediately ignore the UN with impunity (who’s going to challenge them about it?). But they and the lunatics in the West will insist that the USA and all the other Western nations abide by the UN’s radical enviro-laws to the letter. And we will abide by the letter because so many of our fellow citizens have lost their will to be free.

  11. Bill T says:

    UN Global Environmental Constitution: Repressive System of Global Governance
    If the United States became a party to this treaty, America would become a paradise for control freaks. Basic decisions about what you eat, about what you wear, about where you live, about how big a family you can have and about what activities you could engage in on a daily basis would be dictated by the mandates in the global constitution.

    It would appear that mayor Bloomingturd is already starting its implementation!
    Nanny Bloomberg Bans Food Donations to Homeless Shelters: Too Salty!

  12. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    A funding mechanism was proposed in the Senate in 2007. Guess the author. Go ahead, guess.

    The information was available in 2008, in fact it was one of the few factual pieces of information easily discoverable and 69,456,897 citizens said it’s what they wanted.

  13. Keith in Seattle says:

    if it’s a fight they’re looking for, I think there is more than enough here to oblige them…

  14. bobdog says:

    I’m still trying to sort out that “The earth is flat” thing, and that “the earth is the center of the universe” thing.

    I’ll get around to that “incontrovertible truth” about global warming later when I have more time. Science is sure confusing.

  15. Bath House Barry says:

    Wings over the world, bitchez!

  16. chuck in st paul says:

    unScientific unAmerica has been a leftist pulpit for stupidity for years now. I don’t know how many of us dropped our subscriptions, but I heard it was plenty.

  17. Robert Peahl says:

    The moonbats are coming out of the woodwork and firing with everything they can find!
    Not long ago it was the two “ethicists” from Australia with their defense of infanticide “for the common good”; then we had the idiots just recently with the “reengineer humans” lunacy, once again “for the comon good”; now this ridiculous call for blue-helmeted stormtroopers to patrol the world “for the good of the Earth”.
    I’d ask what next, but I’m afraid of the answer.

  18. nobody says:

    From what I have been exposed to concerning Govt Money Sponsored/Paid For/Granted so called Scientists; they are only interested in false fame and more free money to promote the false fame.

    Just check the GISS at NASA for all of the US tax money that has been absolutely wasted.

    They have an international Fellon running it, and your tax dollars are paying his salary.

    Arrest Finds on Yahoo for James Hansen:;_ylt=A0oGdbj7f2lPLGoAnydXNyoA?p=james%20hanson%20arrest&fr2=sb-top&fr=yfp-t-504-s

    Al Gore’s little bitch Hansen!

    Hansen should be investigated and possibly in jail for Fraud!

  19. Momster says:

    Just as I always believed–the Green Movement is like a watermelon:

    Green on the outside, red on the inside.

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