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Jun 19 2020

Why I Have Eaten My Last Chick-fil-A

Sucking up to the LGBT bullies who made life hell for Chick-fil-A was bad enough. Given that war is being waged against American civilization in the name of black supremacism — with stores looted, businesses burned, citizens brutalized, and statues of the Founding Fathers desecrated and torn down — this is downright disgusting:

Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy called for white Christians to repent for racism Sunday after his company suffered vandalism in about a dozen of the chain’s restaurants over the past week.

That’s why the Left has escalated its bullying to the point of total mayhem. In the absence of pushback, bullying works.

It is especially helpful that authorities allow the bullies to vandalize at will. The media helps too by praising their sociopathic activities.

At least now Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs will be sure never to vandalize a Chick-fil-A again during their terror campaigns. Yeah right.

Grovels Cathy,

“[M]y plea would be for the white people, rather than point fingers at that kind of criminal effort, would be to see the level of frustration and exasperation and almost the sense of hopelessness that exists on some of those activists within the African-American community.”

What utter BS. Burning businesses down and driving out the police will only give blacks something to feel hopeless about as their neighborhoods degenerate into ever more impoverished war zones.

Hold on, it gets even more sickening:

After calling for whites to repent for racism, Cathy got down and shined [rapper] Lecrae’s shoes on stage.

After seeing this, I would vomit were I ever again to bite into a Chick-fil-A sandwich:

Possibly most egregious of all, Chick-fil-A built up its business by appealing to decent people, before selling out to the moonbats.

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Nov 30 2019

LifeSiteNews Walks Away From Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A has lamely attempted to have it both ways, shoveling money at LGBT militants while pretending to stay true to its customer base. Patrick Craine, Managing Editor of LifeSiteNews, is having none of it:

It turns out Chick-fil-A has been using Christianity as a marketing tool, making dupes of its customers. As noted earlier, the Chick-fil-A Foundation is run by Rodney Bullard, a generous Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton presidential donor. The company has taken sides in the culture war, choosing the leftist mob over regular Americans.

Moonbattery from corporate America is hardly unusual, but this betrayal of its own customer base seems particularly unwise.

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Nov 29 2019

Walking Away From Chick-fil-A

The dust seems to have settled regarding Chick-fil-A’s sellout. The scene revealed is not pretty. The ostensibly Christian company appears to have betrayed its massive base of loyal customers to pander to militant moonbats who have bullied it.

In addition to pulling funding from the Salvation Army (which is hated by leftists for being grounded in Christianity), Chick-fil-A is giving money not only to the perversion-promoting Covenant House, but to one of the most conspicuously pernicious leftist organizations in the country: the Southern Poverty Law Center.


“We don’t want our intent and our work to be encumbered by someone else’s politics or cultural war,” the Chick-fil-A Foundation’s Rodney Bullard said. “If something gets in the way of our mission, that is something that we are mindful of and cognizant of.”

Bullard, who is executive director of the foundation, donated to the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton — neither of whom would be likely to advance the Christian values Chick-fil-A has represented in the public mind.

His profession of neutrality is a sham. He oversees the donation of Chick-fil-A money to politically minded outfits that aggressively take part in the Culture War on behalf of the Left.

These include the pro-abortion YWCA and Pace Center for Girls, the pro-LGBT Chris 180 and Junior Achievement, and the “progressive” New Leadership Council and Usher’s New Look.

But the most shocking revelation was a 2017 donation to the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization dedicated to labeling mainstream Christian and/or conservative organizations—including Chick-fil-A itself—as “hate groups.”

Recall Floyd Lee Corkins, who was directed by an SPLC Hate Map to the offices of the Family Research Council. He showed up with a gun, 95 rounds of ammunition, and 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches, which he intended to smear in the faces of his victims after he murdered them for supporting traditional marriage. Fortunately, Corkins was stopped by security guard Leo Johnson, who was wounded in the incident.

Chick-fil-A has tried to have it both ways, knuckling under to LGBT bullies while reminding its customers that at least it is still closed on Sundays. It will end by having it neither way. Moonbats will never be satisfied; each demand granted only leads to still more outrageous demands. Meanwhile, their countermoonbat customers will walk off in disgust.

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Nov 19 2019

Et Tu, Chick-fil-A?

The reason the radical left has been able to shove such an extreme agenda down the public throat is that people reflexively submit to its thuggish tactics, grovelingly acceding to even the most outrageous demands. Nowhere is this more true than with the tyrannical freaks comprising the militant LGBT movement. Virtually no company will stand against them. On the contrary, corporations pander obsequiously to their revolting agenda.

Except of course Chick-fil-A. After the abuse (e.g., here, here, here, here, and here) Chick-fil-A has taken from leftists just for having Christian ownership, it would be absurd for it ever to give in. It is not as if progressives will suddenly start eating at Chick-fil-A if the company caves to some ludicrous demand. Chick-fil-A does not discriminate against anyone; that should be enough.

Yet now we read in Breitbart that Chick-fil-A will stop donating money to the Salvation Army “following pressure from LGBT groups.”

Even bubbleheaded pop star Ellie Goulding evidently came to realize that the Salvation Army does nothing but good work and in no way oppresses people of politically privileged perversity. Has Chick-fil-A really thrown the Salvation Army under the bus?

Chick-fil-A’s tax records shows that it gave to several Christian schools and charitable groups in 2018. None of those groups appears in a list of Chick-fil-A’s 2019 charitable giving that the company made available for preview. …

In 2018, Chick-fil-A gave $115,000 to the Salvation Army for the Angel Tree program, which provided gifts for 11,000 children during the holiday season. The fast-food chain also gave $1.65 million to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes to provide underserved youth with week-long summer sports camps at historically black colleges and universities (HCBU).

Militant moonbats appear to have put the kibosh on this benevolence with their relentless bullying.

If it would let militant degenerates force them to close its first restaurant in Britain, why wouldn’t Chick-fil-A let them dictate who is off limits for donations?

At least a display of abject submission will satisfy the bullies.

Just kidding of course. Capitulation is an engraved invitation for LGBT militants to bully even harder. Ensuing demands are likely to include rainbow packaging for the food, a transsexual CEO, free condoms with kiddie meals, et cetera.

Or maybe Chick-fil-A hasn’t capitulated after all. Maybe it stands by its values. A spokesman says of donations,

“No organization will be excluded from future consideration – faith-based or non-faith based.”

It is not about to start opening on Sundays.

Looks like we will have to wait for the dust to settle. In the meantime, Chick-fil-A will do itself a great favor by making it as clear as possible that it does not take orders from the LGBT crowd.

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Oct 21 2019

LGBT Bullies Shut Down First UK Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A ranks number 1 in customer satisfaction among fast food chains in the USA. However, its attempt to expand into the UK has been unsuccessful, due to the rigid intolerance of LGBT bullies who hate the company for being owned by Christians.

Via the BBC:

Gay rights campaigners called for a boycott of Chick-fil-A, which opened its first branch at The Oracle shopping centre in Reading on 10 October.

A spokeswoman for the centre said “the right thing to do” was to not extend the restaurant’s lease beyond the “six-month pilot period”.

Here is the political sin that makes it intolerable that people should be allowed to eat the tasty sandwiches at Chick-fil-A:

According to [ultra-left] US news website Think Progress, in 2017 the Chick-fil-A Foundation donated millions of dollars to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the Paul Anderson Youth Home and the US Salvation Army.

Campaigners from LGBT organisation, Reading Pride, said all three organisations have a reputation of being hostile to LGBT rights.

“Hostile to LGBT rights” means “not on board with the radical LGBT agenda.”

We have reached the point where donating to the Salvation Army can get a restaurant shut down.

In a statement, the UK Salvation Army said it “strongly objected to being presented as homophobic or transphobic”, adding that it had LGBT+ members and served people “without discrimination”.

Not good enough. Chick-fil-A doesn’t discriminate either. The Salvation Army is at least nominally Christian. Therefore, it is politically unclean and must be crushed in the name of “tolerance.”

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Sep 07 2019

Tolerant Liberals Welcome Chick-fil-A to Toronto

Militant homosexuals are so desperate to find some oppression that they can use as leverage to acquire more power over the rest of us that they continue to wage a theatrical war against Chick-fil-A, on the sparse grounds that the ownership is Christian and therefore does not sufficiently revere people who wallow in sin and perversion. The first Chick-fil-A just opened in Toronto, but even after padding their ranks with animal rights kooks, LGBT Jacobins could not outnumber the hungry customers.

CTV News reports:

Let’s hope the Toronto Jesus in the City parade went well today and did not come under physical assault by tolerant liberals.

HighImpactVlogs weighs in on the limp-wristed LGBT thuggery:

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Jul 03 2019

LGBT Mob Vandalizes Chick-fil-A

Liberals demand that society cater obsessively to the sexually freakish. This is because Cultural Marxism is about exploiting alienated groups and deploying them against the cultural core. LGBT militants, infamous for their shamelessness and vicious vindictiveness, make excellent shock troops in the war against Christianity. For example:

A Chick-fil-A in Manhattan was vandalized during a gay pride parade on Sunday, as an LGBT terror mob wanted to send a statement to Christians nationwide.

Progressives hate Chick-fil-A despite its tasty sandwiches because the owners are Christians.

The mob put “F**k haters” on the windows alongside a red “X” targeting the Christian-friendly restaurant chain. In an ironic twist, the mob also put up a sign claiming “LOVE is a terrible thing to waste” as they committed their senseless acts of violence.

This is not so ironic when you consider that moonbats speak Orwellian. The people they call “haters” are the people they hate. In their language, “love” usually means “sexual depravity,” but it also can mean “hate,” as Marianne Williamson comically reminded us during the Democrat debates.

Sunday was blessedly the last day of Gay “Pride” Month. However, for moonbats, every month is Hate Decency Month, so we won’t have to wait for next June to see more sociopathic bullying.

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Jun 11 2018

Jack Dorsey Is Remorseful for Eating at Chick-fil-A

To get an idea of how comically intolerant progressives tend to be, consider that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey — a confirmed moonbat who has expressed enthusiasm for the fantasy of Democrats crushing their opposition in a second civil war — is getting castigated for eating at Chick-fil-A.

Former CNN propagandist Soledad O’Brien was among those who have denounced Dorsey for this violation of political correctness. She emphasized the compound crime of eating the forbidden food during homosexual “pride” month.

Why does eating tasty chicken sandwiches at Chick-fil-A make you a bad person?

At issue was Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy’s 2012 support for defining marriage as between a man and a woman, which he described as “the biblical definition of a family.”

Barack Obama himself — the Moonbat Messiah — did not support the blasphemous concept of homosexual marriage until that same year.

Throughout human history, it is unlikely that more than one person in a million did not regard marriage as something that can only take place between men and women. But as progressives learned from using 1984 as an instruction manual, those who control the past control the future. That’s why liberals are constantly purging the past of thought criminals — selectively, of course; Obama is safe from purges.

That the people running Chick-fil-A no doubt still believe in the sanctity of marriage places the company beyond the pale, so that it can serve as a rallying point for liberal hatred and intolerance.

Citing the importance of diverse opinion, Dorsey boldly stood up to the social media lynch mob. Just kidding, of course. Here’s how he reacted:

“You’re right,” Dorsey conceded. “Completely forgot about their background.”

He had better grovel for forgiveness. After Obama’s weaponized IRS leaked the information that Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich had privately donated money to an organization defending marriage, Eich was fired.

Try to imagine losing your job because you privately donated money to an organization that promotes sexual perversion.

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Apr 17 2018

The New Yorker Denounces “Creepy Infiltration” of Chick-fil-A into NYC

Christian-owned Chick-fil-A has been opening branches in New Gomorrah itself, and the leftist snobs at The New Yorker are not happy about it:

New York has taken to Chick-fil-A. One of the Manhattan locations estimates that it sells a sandwich every six seconds, and the company has announced plans to open as many as a dozen more storefronts in the city. And yet the brand’s arrival here feels like an infiltration, in no small part because of its pervasive Christian traditionalism. Its headquarters, in Atlanta, are adorned with Bible verses and a statue of Jesus washing a disciple’s feet. Its stores close on Sundays. Its C.E.O., Dan Cathy, has been accused of bigotry for using the company’s charitable wing to fund anti-gay causes, including groups that oppose same-sex marriage.

Defending the sanctity of marriage from defilement — a position taken only a few years ago by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton — is now regarded as a thought crime for which there must be zero tolerance.

The New Yorker does not like Chick-fil-A’s emphasis on the word “community,” which “suggests an ulterior motive” — namely, to convert people to Christianity by feeding them chicken sandwiches. It also doesn’t like the cows in Chick-fil-A advertising.

It’s impossible to overstate the role of the Cows—in official communiqués, they always take a capital “C”—that are displayed in framed portraits throughout the Fulton Street location. If the restaurant is a megachurch, the Cows are its ultimate evangelists. Since their introduction in the mid-nineties—when they began advising Atlanta motorists to “eat mor chikin”—they’ve remained one of the most popular, and most morbid, advertising campaigns in fast-food history, crucial to Chick-fil-A’s corporate culture.

This wicked corporate culture oppresses chickens on behalf of the coopted cows.

It’s worth asking why Americans fell in love with an ad in which one farm animal begs us to kill another in its place. Most restaurants take pains to distance themselves from the brutalities of the slaughterhouse; Chick-fil-A invites us to go along with the Cows’ Schadenfreude.

If only liberal elitists could acquire a sense of humor, they might not find regular Americans and their culture so incomprehensible.

As for the good Chick-fil-A does,

Defenders of Chick-fil-A point out that the company donates thousands of pounds of food to New York Common Pantry, and that its expansion creates jobs. The more fatalistic will add that hypocrisy is baked, or fried, into every consumer experience—that unbridled corporate power makes it impossible to bring your wallet in line with your morals. Still, there’s something especially distasteful about Chick-fil-A, which has sought to portray itself as better than other fast food: cleaner, gentler, and more ethical, with its poultry slightly healthier than the mystery meat of burgers. Its politics, its décor, and its commercial-evangelical messaging are inflected with this suburban piety.

It isn’t just the food that is good (at least by fast food standards). The company itself is good. You can’t expect The New Yorker to approve.

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Apr 13 2017

Leftist Bullies Claim Chick-fil-A Makes Them Feel Unsafe

Want something banned? Just pretend that it makes you afraid — even if it’s just a chicken sandwich. Political correctness must be the most nauseating form of thuggery ever devised:

Student senators at Duquesne University are lobbying for the cancellation of plans to bring Chick-fil-A to campus in the fall, saying they “fear” for the safety of their peers.

The popular fast-food chain came under fire in 2012 after its president, Dan Cathy, admitted his company was “guilty as charged” for donating to organizations opposed to same-sex marriage, prompting years of protests by LGBT activists, especially on college campuses.

Unlike the campus social justice warriors who demand that it be banned merely for reminding them that not everyone agrees with them regarding the sanctity of marriage, Chick-fil-A is hardly pushy when it comes to politics.

Campus Reform reported in 2015, for instance, that the Student Government Association at Johns Hopkins University demanded the removal of Chick-fil-A from campus, calling its presence a “microaggression,” though outrage slowly died down as IRS filings showed the company had virtually cancelled its donations to organizations opposing same-sex marriage.

However, Alinskyite political strategy dictates that once a target has been picked, it must be frozen, personalized, polarized, and destroyed. A Gay-Straight Alliance crybully cracks her whip:

“I’ve tried very hard within the last semester and a half to promote this safe environment for the LGBTQ community. So I fear that with the Chick-fil-A being in Options [an on-campus food court] that maybe people will feel that safe place is at risk,” Rachel Coury explained, adding that at the very least her organization would like “someone” to “make a statement” on the issue.

“It would be a really big deal for Lambda [Gay-Straight Alliance] and the whole LGBTQ community on campus if someone could make a statement to eliminate the fear of being marginalized by having this business on campus,” she said.

If Rachel ever wonders what it feels like to really be marginalized rather than holding the whip hand, she might try dropping her militant pervert jihad for a day and walk in the shoes of a Bible-believing Christian on a college campus.

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Oct 02 2016

Libs Still Hate Chick-fil-A

The moonbat war on Chick-fil-A continues. From Florida:

The Stonewall Democrats of Pinellas County are crying foul over Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections Deborah Clark’s decision to hold voter registration drives at nine Chick-fil-A locations. Chick-fil-A, the fast-food chain known for putting faith ahead of profits, supports conservative causes.

If Chick-fil-A really does put faith ahead of profits, this strategy seems to be paying off. Business Insider reports that it “generates more revenue per restaurant than any other fast food chain in the US.”

The actual problem liberals have with Chick-fil-A is that President Dan Cathy admitted that like virtually everyone until only a few years ago, he is not in favor of homosexual “marriage.” The ownership is known to be Christian, to the horror of progressives.

Susan McGrath, leader of the Stonewall Democrats and head of the Pinellas Democratic Party, said the decision to use Chick-fil-A would be similar to a Democratic supervisor of elections holding the event at Planned Parenthood.

Regrettably, the source did not include a link to this story:

Planned Parenthood will begin a nonpartisan campaign to register voters at its clinics, on college campuses and online to help marginalized populations participate more in this election cycle, the women’s health provider announced to the Huffington Post

The word “marginalized” in this context means “overwhelmingly likely to vote Democrat.”

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Aug 31 2015

American Taliban: Denver City Council Holding Up Chick-fil-A at Airport Because CEO Is Christian

Liberals present themselves as devoted advocates of women’s rights and homosexual privilege, and enemies of violence and religion. Yet they ally themselves with Muslims, who enslave women, murder homosexuals, and reject reality in favor of their conspicuously violent faith. In turn, Muslims overwhelmingly vote Democrat. This is confusing until you realize that the content of their respective ideologies is inconsequential; it is only the ruthless intolerance with which the ideology is imposed that matters. The most meaningful difference between Islam and liberalism lies in the methods used to coerce compliance, and these are determined by culture.

Given that both liberals and Muslims are viscerally hostile to Christianity, if you Americanized the Taliban and put it in charge of Denver, you could expect something like this:

Normally the approval process for a concession slot at Denver International Airport is routine. But when the franchise is Chick-fil-A, normal goes out the window. Members of the Denver City Council are now holding up approval on grounds that they don’t like the support for the “biblical” view of marriage expressed several years ago by the chicken chain’s CEO, Dan Cathy.

That is, because the CEO let it slip that he holds traditional Christian views, the liberals running Denver do not think Chick-fil-A should be allowed at the airport.

At a council meeting earlier this month, member after member took issue with Chick-fil-A on marriage. … The outcry is more absurd given the landmark Supreme Court ruling on marriage in June. Now that the Court has made same-sex marriage a constitutional right, it doesn’t matter what a Chick-fil-A exec might think. It’s past time for the victors to give up trying to silence and punish the remaining dissenters and accept their victory.

But victory isn’t enough for liberals or Muslims. They demand that you not only comply with their poisonous ideology, but agree with it. If they suspect that you don’t, they will hurt you. This pathological intolerance for independent thought is what makes them so compatible — and such a threat to the rest of us.

On a tip from Varla.

Sep 15 2014

Ventura High School Bans Chick-fil-A

Although progressives seize power by increments, they will never be satisfied with less than everything. For them, it isn’t enough to thoroughly dominate the culture; they have to completely eradicate anything that even reminds them of opposition.

Chick-fil-A is owned by Christians. It came out in an interview with a religious publication that president Dan Cathy believes, like virtually everyone did until a couple of years ago, that marriage is between a man and a woman. Consequently, Chick-fil-A is politically incorrect and must be banned:

Feathers have been ruffled at California’s Ventura High School, where the principal this week banned the football booster club from selling Chick-fil-A sandwiches over fears that people might be offended.

What, pray tell, could people find offensive about a plump juicy chicken breast tucked between two buttered buns?

Here’s what:

“With their political stance on gay rights and because the students of Ventura High School and their parents would be at the event, I didn’t want them on campus,” [Principal Val] Wyatt told the Ventura County Star.

It was a sentiment supported by Trudy Tuttle Ariaga, superintendent of the Ventura Unified School District.

“We value inclusivity and diversity on our campus, and all our events and activities are going to adhere to our mission,” Ariaga told CBS News in Los Angeles.

Evidently their mission is to intolerantly exclude anything deemed not to be in total compliance with liberal dogma — in the name of tolerance and inclusivity, of course.

It’s the students who will pay for educrats’ intolerance and ingratitude:

The local Chick-fil-A franchise has a storied history of supporting the school district – to the tune of thousands of dollars – and owner Robert Shaffer had generously offered to give the booster club 200 meals for a “back-to-school” event on Wednesday at which they expected to raise $1,600 for the football team, the Ventura Star reported.

“That would have gone toward the football program, everything from uniforms to food for the boys,” booster club president Dan Swim told the Star.

Chick-fil-A has no official stand on homosexual “marriage,” and has gone out of its way to avoid controversy. But two years ago, Cathy committed the thought crime of saying this:

“We are very much supportive of the family — the biblical definition of the family unit. We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that.”

Imagine a society in which a statement like that is completely beyond the pale. So far as I know, there have only been three: Sodom, Gomorrah, and the liberal-ruled USSA.

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Jun 06 2013

Master Sergeant Punished for Serving Chick-fil-A at Party

Ever since Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy let it be known that he supports the sanctity of holy matrimony, militant moonbats have targeted the company, organizing repulsive displays of homosexuality in an attempt to disgust customers away from its restaurants and even employing tasty Chick-fil-A sandwiches as props in an attempted terror attack. Needless to say, Chick-fil-A is not welcome in Commander in Chief Barack Hussein’s hyper-politicized military:

An Army master sergeant was punished after he hosted a promotion party and served Chick-fil-A sandwiches in honor of the Defense of Marriage Act.

The unidentified soldier was investigated, reprimanded, threatened with judicial action and given a bad efficiency report, according to the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty.

Chaplain Alliance Executive Director Ron Crews reports that the soldier held a party to celebrate his promotion to Master Sergeant.

The invitations read, “In honor of my promotion and in honor of the Defense of Marriage Act, I’m serving Chick-fil-A sandwiches at my promotion party.”

DOMA is the law of the land, but the rogue Obama Regime refuses to enforce it.

A year later, the Master Sergeant is still bogged down in a legal battle. The lesson is passed down from Obama through the military as clearly as it is through the IRS: do not say, do, or even think anything that a liberal might not like, or you will suffer consequences.

A few more examples:

One service member received a severe reprimand for expressing his faith’s religious position about homosexuality in a personal religious blog.

A chaplain was relieved of his command over a military chapel because he could not allow same-sex weddings to take place in the chapel.

And a chaplain who asked senior military officers whether religious liberty would be protected in the wake of the repeal of the law against open homosexual behavior in the military was told to “get in line” or resign.

The world has seen other governments that forcibly repressed Christianity. But not even the Soviet Union attempted to impose reverence for sexual perversion. It wasn’t sufficiently morally depraved.

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