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Feb 28 2018

South Africa Moves Forward on Confiscation of Whites’ Property Without Compensation

Nelson Mandela’s handpicked successor is finally in power, and Cyril Ramaphosa is wasting no time securing the liberal saint’s legacy by confiscating property based on race:

South Africa took a step on Tuesday to hasten the transfer of land from white to black owners when parliament backed a motion seeking to change the constitution to allow land expropriation without compensation. …

Tuesday’s motion was brought by the radical left Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party but was supported by the ANC, which controls almost two-thirds of the parliament compared with EFF’s 6 percent.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa said after his inauguration two weeks ago that he would speed up the transfer of land to black people…

We know what comes next, because we saw the same moonbattery reduce Rhodesia (a.k.a. the Breadbasket of Africa) to Zimbabwe. Whites will escape to some country that allows them to own property, and the people left behind will go hungry.

U.S. taxpayers will shoulder much of the financial burden for providing a subsistence existence to the rotting remnants of what was once a prosperous country.

Europeans have lived in South Africa for as long as they have lived in North America. Many of the farms that will be confiscated without compensation have been in the family for generations.

Anyone who did not see this coming when Nelson Mandela took power is a fool. Anyone who celebrates it is morally depraved.

Meanwhile, leftists use immigration and welfare policy to make whites a minority in Europe and North America, so that the same scenario can play out repeatedly until we are gone. It would be difficult to imagine an agenda more evil.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Feb 04 2018

Staying Safe in South Africa

Thankfully, Lauren Southern made it back safely from South Africa:

Katie Hopkins provides an example what all the security is meant to prevent:

It is fortunate that private security is still allowed. For it to protect any whites when the situation goes from bad to worse and the Economic Freedom Fighters take power will mean civil war.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Jan 30 2018

Europeans Acknowledge Horror Unfolding in South Africa

It’s far too little, far too late — but at least someone gives a damn about the horrific tragedy continuing to unfold in South Africa. The European Parliament’s Europe of Nations and Freedom group has organized a conference on the political situation in that benighted country. From a press release, via Gates of Vienna:

The conference will be hosted by UK MEP Janice Atkinson: “South Africa stands on a precipice. In 2019 they will hold national elections which could see the ANC fracture and the violent Marxists of the Economic Freedom Fighters holding the balance of power. If this happens, South Africa is finished.”

If you think South Africa has been hell on earth for whites under Jacob Zuma, wait until the terrifying Julius Malema takes command — though it won’t be worse than any reasonable person could have predicted when an advanced First World country allowed itself to be shamed into submitting to rule by collectivist savages.

The conference, entitled ““The Political Situation in South Africa: Some Humans’ Rights Matter More Than Others” to reflect the liberal establishment’s apathy, was scheduled for today. Don’t expect to see it featured on the evening news.

If we can’t save South Africa, we can at least learn from its lesson and save ourselves.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Jan 15 2018

Why the H&M Coolest Monkey in the Jungle Ad Was Offensive

The widespread practice of featuring blacks in almost every advertisement to signal political correctness blew up in the face of H&M, when it briefly ran an ad featuring a black boy wearing a sweatshirt that read “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle.”

Although the kid’s mom did not find this the least offensive, many other people predictably did. H&M quickly took down the ad and issued the standard obsequious apology, but this had little effect. Rich and famous Moonbats of Color LeBron James and P. Diddy are squawking in outrage. Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, a black singer from Canada who calls himself “The Weeknd” and has a clothing line at H&M, has proclaimed that he will no longer work with the company.

Why was the ad offensive? Whites would not have been offended if it had been a white child. Chinese would not have been offended if it had been a Chinese child.

The answer is as obvious as it is politically forbidden to acknowledge. Whites and Asians don’t behave in a way that causes them to be associated with monkeys.

As if to drive home the point, so-called activists in South Africa have reacted by trashing H&M stores in at least six malls:

Innocent shoppers and bystanders were forced to flee as chanting gangs wearing uniforms of the country’s radical opposition party swept through at H&M stores … including Africa’s flagship store in the upmarket suburb of Sandton.

Pictures and video soon appeared on social media.

In one video, claimed to have been taken at the Menlyn Park store, one of [the] red shirted activists is seen trashing displays, kicking over and pulling down clothes rails as well as pushing over mannequins.

Another activist can be seen to join him in what is colloquially known as a “chimpout.”

Floyd Shivambu, spokesman for the Economic Freedom Fighters party, praised the action, saying the retailer was ‘now facing the consequences for its racism’.

H&M no longer sells the sweatshirt anywhere, and has been forced to close all 17 of its stores in South Africa. It plans to reopen the stores when “the situation is safe again,” but how long it will be able to do business in that deteriorating country is unclear.

Who is making blacks look like monkeys, H&M or the savages running wild in South Africa? Yet I haven’t heard any righteous denunciations from The Weeknd, LeBron James, et al. regarding the latter.

On tips from ABC of the ANC, Madeline F, Varla, and Bodhisattva.

Nov 07 2017

South Africans Punished for Complaining About White Genocide

South Africans are paying a price for daring to protest last Monday against the horrifying numbers of white farmers being murdered — although not a price high enough to please Julius Malema:

Malema, the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, an anti-white Marxist party in South Africa, launched an attack on #BlackMonday protesters, Afrikaners, as well as the police who, he says, missed an opportunity to shoot at white people.

Meanwhile, white protesters who took part in the #BlackMonday protests against farm murders have appeared in courts around the country, or have received summons to appear, on charges that they contravened the Regulation of Gatherings Act and the National Road Traffic Act.

Raged Malema:

“Instead of shooting at them with rubber bullets, they were taking the phones of white people and shooting them pictures while they were disrupting the city of Tshwane.

“It was an opportunity for them to test the skin of the white people with a rubber bullet. They missed an opportunity.”

The bullets won’t be rubber when people like Malema inevitably end up in control. Already he is driving President Jacob Zuma to adopt his extreme anti-white positions.

Malema accused the #BlackMonday protesters of “racism” and announced that “We cannot allow white people to do as they wish in this country.”

The whites who were arrested following #BlackMonday, were shocked by police brutality. Many are now facing possible prison time as the Gatherings Act provides for prison sentences of up to a year for contraventions.

In the near future, such protesters will be summarily shot. This is the predictable legacy of communist terrorist Nelson Mandela.

Want to see if the situation will be any different here when whites are a minority in America? Democrats sure do.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Nov 04 2017

CBS News Acknowledges South Africans Protesting the Pandemic Murder of White Farmers

CBS News, a pillar in the liberal media establishment that obsessed endlessly on the sins of South Africa until Apartheid had been brought down, surprisingly ran a story on what the country is like after Apartheid:

Thousands of white farmers have snarled traffic on some major roads in South Africa in what they call the Black Monday protest against the high rate of murders of farmers. …

The protests are backed by AfriForum, a lobby group which promotes the rights of South Africa’s white minority, especially the Afrikaner population descended from Dutch settlers. AfriForum claims that 70 [actually 72] white farmers have been murdered in 341 attacks on farms so far this year.

But could it be that the demonstrators are racist for objecting to the killing off of white farmers?

Some protesters were seen carrying a flag from the nation’s apartheid era, when the white minority was in power and black people couldn’t vote, the BBC reports. …

The protest has been criticized by the Black First Land First group which claimed in a series of tweets that white farmers are perpetrating violence against black people.

Armenians perpetrated the same sort of violence on Turks, and Jews on Nazis.

CBS News forgot to mention this:

At the same time the protests were taking place, an elderly man was hacked to death with a machete on his vegetable farm in the northern town of Vryheid. … [The farm murders] are typically characterised by extreme brutality, rape and torture.

But at least the brutality, rape, and torture advance Social Justice.

The CBS report doesn’t touch on this either:

Human rights groups have previously accused [Arts and Culture Minister Nathi] Mthethwa’s party, the ruling African National Congress, and President Jacob Zuma of inciting attacks on farmers through anti-white hate speech, including Mr Zuma’s singing of the controversial “Shoot the Farmer, Kill the Boer” revolutionary song.

Earlier this year, Mr Zuma called for the confiscation of white-owned land without compensation, echoing rhetoric from Julius Malema, leader of the left-wing Economic Freedom Fighters party. Mr Malema was last year slammed for telling supporters the he was “not calling for the slaughter of white people‚ at least for now”.

You can’t expect CBS News to give that kind of context; it would inflict too much damage on The Narrative.

On tips from ABC of the ANC.

Jun 21 2017

South Africa Reaches the Tipping Point: More on Welfare Than Working

Progressivism progresses toward a tipping point. This point has been achieved in South Africa, according to the Institute of Race Relations:

The IRR survey showed that in 2001 there were 12 494 000 people in employment and 3 993 133 people receiving social grants.

Fifteen years later‚ there were more people receiving social grants in South Africa than there were people with jobs.

According to IRR analyst Gerbrandt van Heerden: “In 2016‚ there were 15 545 000 people with jobs in South Africa while 17 094 331 people were receiving social grants.”

When a minority is forced to carry the majority on its back, the welfare state has become a slave state.

From here the vicious cycle inherent in welfare swirls straight down the pipes. As van Heerden observes,

“The numbers are a recipe for social and political chaos. With South Africa formally in recession‚ the government will find it difficult to afford the cost of its social grants programme. As the economy stagnates‚ and tax revenue slows‚ demand for more grants will increase. The government will then have to cut other areas of expenditure in order to meet popular demands for more and higher grants. We predict that this will lead to much higher levels of violent protest action.”

Meanwhile, Julius Malema of the Economic Freedom Fighters, whose platform essentially consists of looting whites and driving them out of the country, barks that “When the EFF take over, we will ensure the state owns all the land.” That is, they will impose communism. Who will vote against them, when the majority is living off other people’s wealth, expropriated and redistributed by the government?

I hope liberals around the world enjoyed the warm glow of self-righteousness after bullying South Africa into committing suicide. It would be a shame to think that a Western nation will be erased and replaced with another Zimbabwe for no reason at all.

On tips from ABC of the ANC.

Apr 20 2017

Meanwhile, in Enlightened, Fundamentally Transformed South Africa

Zimbabwe, here we come:

Since the 6th April, there are reports of at least fourteen farm attacks that have occurred.

6 April was the day that was targeted by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) for large-scale land invasions.

Although the occupation did not last too long, some observers say that the increased attacks on farms since that date is probably in connection with the EFF’s revolutionary call of land occupation.

Wait until EFF takes over the government from the relatively sane commies of the ANC. Then it will be white Holocaust here we come.

economic freedom fighters
You could see this coming from 1990.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Feb 14 2017

South African Parliament in Session

South Africa was a civilized country — not politically correct, but civilized. Now it is politically correct. The two videos below give an idea what sessions of Parliament currently look like.

The first one gets a language alert, as we learn that sign language for “F*** you” is exactly what you might expect:

In the second, a fight breaks out when MPs temporarily prevent President Jacob Zuma from giving a State of the Nation address:

The goons in red are Julius Malema and members of his Economic Freedom Fighters party. Their platform: accelerate the process Nelson Mandela set in motion of looting whites and driving them out of the country so that it is completed in weeks instead of decades.

If Malema ends up in charge — and I wouldn’t bet against it — South Africa will make Zimbabwe look like Switzerland. A lot of people are likely to die. But for some reason it won’t make the front page like Apartheid used to do.

On tips from ABC of the ANC.

Feb 08 2017

The Life of a South African Farmer May Soon End

This is what life will be like for the last whites in fundamentally transformed South Africa, before they are ethnically cleansed and the formerly prosperous nation collapses into a starving basket case dependent on international aid like Rhodesia Zimbabwe:

The bloodied body of 79-year-old Trevor Rees was discovered by employees on his farm Pudsey‚ on the outskirts of the southern Drakensburg village early on Monday.

The attackers are believed to have stormed his home on Friday night‚ kicking down a door after first using a tractor to ram a hole in his bedroom wall.

Rees‚ a timber farmer who lived alone‚ was subdued‚ beaten and left on his bedroom floor‚ only to have his attackers return a day later and viciously assault him again.

At last word, he is “fighting for his life in a Pietermaritzburg Hospital,” having survived this long because he is “a tough old b**tard.”

Farm attacks are on the rise because the authorities aren’t doing much to stop them.

Police spokesperson Colonel Thembeka Mbhele said that detectives were investigating both incidents and that no arrests had been made.

Nor will they be.

At least for now these attacks are not carried out directly by government troops. That will change if the absurdly misnamed Economic Freedom Fighters party takes power.

The first subtle attempt at entry.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Dec 27 2016

Death of a Moonbat: Steven Otter

As civilization slowly collapses in South Africa, violent crime is spiraling out of control. Advocates of the moonbattery that created this situation have not been spared:

In life Steven Otter castigated his fellow whites for their “misperception” of black crime in South Africa. Yet in one of those harsh racial ironies the country is famous for, he was stabbed to death by two black robbers in his home on Reconciliation Day 16 December 2016, dying in the arms of his coloured partner, Nathalie Williams — in front of her 7-year old daughter.

Reconciliation Day is a South African holiday established after the end of apartheid “with the intention of fostering reconciliation” between blacks and whites.

The English-born Otter had been an author and journalist. He was Cape Town municipal spokesman for transport at the time he died.

Otter’s former boss, Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille, … expressed her condolences over the brutal killing of someone who had once been her official spokesman when she still had her own political party, the Independent Democrats. However, both De Lille and Otter shared a more sinister past affiliation with anti-white, revolutionary parties, such as the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC), and Julius Malema’s Afro-Marxist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), respectively.

EFF radicals make the African National Congress that has been dismantling South Africa look sane by comparison. Their plan is simple: loot whites of every bit of wealth they have created and violently drive them out of the country they built. Hey, it worked great in Zimbabwe.

Steven Otter received the ultimately South African reality check, being confronted in his own bedroom by two knife-wielding black criminals.

These days his fate is not unusual.

Every day there are 50 murders in South Africa, more than in some European countries in an entire year!

Otter was truly a moonbat’s moonbat.

Apparently he refused to wear shoes, even when dressed in a suit. He was also a strict vegetarian or “vegan”.

Otter was an admirer of communist dictator Fidel Castro. A friend imagines the two will have conversations “up in heaven.” Given the brutality that characterized Castro’s rule, that is unlikely.

For a while Otter lived in the township of Khayelitsha…

According to the census figures for 2011, there were 391 749 people living in Khayelitsha, of whom 99,49% were black and 96,99% spoke Xhosa as a first language, the language of Nelson and Winnie Mandela, as well as many other ANC leaders.

Yet again we see that the essence of moonbattery is self-hatred:

The word “umlungu” literally means “scum of the sea” and is used by South African blacks as an insult for whites generally. In a display of white guilt and subservience, Otter embraced the term to describe himself.

Putting Otter’s death into the wider context of what his fellow leftists have done to South Africa,

Thanks to liberal ideology, which has brought us light sentences for murder and rape — but not for “hate speech” — as well as affirmative action, white guilt, and multifarious political illusions, South Africa is descending further and further into a social hell from which it may never recover. Steven Otter, as a former employee of the liberal Cape Argus newspaper and revolutionary EFF member suffered from those same illusions. He thought, despite rational evidence to the contrary, that both Khayelitsha and Cape Town were safe. Crime and violence were based on the “misperceptions” of some whites. Probably he did not own gun with which to defend himself against his assailants.

In a sense then, and notwithstanding one’s natural sympathy for the individual and his tragic death, he died as much due to the decrepitude forced on us by liberalism as by the hand of his assailants who had stabbed him in the face and body.

That is, a moonbat died of moonbattery. The rest of the country is not far behind him.

Steven Otter, dead of moonbattery.

On a tip from StephaneDumas.

Oct 04 2016

Higher Learning Is Becoming Impossible in South Africa

Post-Apartheid, there are now more opportunities for black South Africans, who can pursue them through higher education. They are learning what they need to know to get ahead in South Africa — that is, how to bring down society. “Protests” are making the old-fashioned kind of learning nearly impossible:

At Wits University [University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg], where students voted overwhelmingly in a poll to return to class, militant protesters plotted ways to continue the disruptions, including occupying certain campus buildings from midnight [Sunday] night, while a handful suggested openly taking up arms. …

At a meeting in the Solomon Mahlangu Hall at Wits [Sunday], it was suggested that protesting students “fight fire with fire” and carry firearms.

“We can get AK47s. Those who have connections can assist. Even if it’s just knives. We have to fight back when the system responds with violence,” one student said.

“Violence” against protesters usually consists of not complying instantly with even their most extravagant demands.

Students at the meeting have decided to form small, highly mobile groups to target “specific academic nerve centres” to disrupt and ensure a complete shutdown of the university. They said it was easy for the police and security guards to tackle large groups but that small groups would create difficulties for the security personnel.

What about students who do not aspire to be Marxist revolutionaries? They are out of luck:

In the poll at Wits on Thursday, 77% of the 21 000 students who responded, and 91% of the university’s academics, said they wanted to return to classes.

On Friday 3,000 students and staff at University of Cape Town held a silent protest demanding that the institution re-open tomorrow. A tiny group opposed them.

Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan University students said yesterday that their riots would continue “no matter what”.

The majority of students would rather learn something more productive than how to destroy everything and seize power over the ruins. But when The People rule, what most people want doesn’t matter.

EFF commander-in-chief Julius Malema told The Times yesterday that his party fully supported the protests…

When Malema’s fanatically anti–economic freedom Economic Freedom Fighters party takes power, South Africa will have gone full Zimbabwe. It openly calls for seizing the property of whites without compensation.

As the events following the takeover of the country by communist terrorist Nelson Mandela in 1994 continue to unfold, the day when white South Africans must leave what’s left of their country in anything that will float is pretty much at hand.

At least R600-million of damage has been caused to campus property across the country since the protests started a year ago.

That’s peanuts. The monetary cost of taking a First World country and reducing it to a starving Third World basket case in the name of moonbat politics is beyond computation.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Jun 10 2016

South Africa Is Burning

In 1994, due to overwhelming international pressure, political correctness triumphed over self-preservation in South Africa. Here is what the aftermath looks like:

From South Africa Today:

Fourteen days of violent riots, protests and destroying South Africa. The compilation of the video illustrates how disastrous events between May 25 and June 8 this year, a total of 14 days is the reality of what is happening in South Africa. Riots around the country, from Johannesburg to Witbank, and Durban, plus other isolated incidents show the destruction caused by hooligans running amok. Hundreds of unemployed, frustrated and intimidated mobs are burning down South Africa, destroying property, looting shops and more. If this is the damage and destruction done in 14 days what does the future hold?

Probably, the rise to power of the Economic Freedom Fighters, ultra-radicals who make communist terrorist Nelson Mandela’s currently ruling African National Congress look like the Rotary Club. Bad as the situation is now, there is little to stop it from getting worse.

Hopefully, other countries are learning from this, rather than following down the same road.

On tips from ABC of the ANC.

Feb 24 2014

Communist Storm Clouds Gather in South Africa

Moonbat demigod Nelson Mandela’s collectivist legacy continues to unfold in what was once a prosperous and relatively civilized country:

The Economic Freedom Fighters have stuck to their guns for the nationalisation of mines and expropriation of land without compensation.

Party leader Julius Malema on Saturday unveiled the organisation’s elections manifesto at Mehlareng Stadium in Tembisa, east of Johannesburg.

“We want to do away with colonial patterns of ownership in South Africa,” he said.

That means if a white person owns it, the government is going to take it, just like in Zimbabwe, which has been reduced to basket case status by similar policies.

Malema’s manifesto consists mainly of one word: nationalization. Very little will be left in private hands if he has his way. The name of his party is appropriate: it exists to fight economic freedom.

Malema revved up supporters by proclaiming that after 20 years of democracy, blacks are still poor. The implication is that it is time to give up on democracy, and go whole hog on the communism.

When communism doesn’t work either, there will be no going back. After the wealth that was produced when property rights were honored has been devoured by the government, there will be nothing left but poverty and tyranny, as in Zimbabwe.

The insanity of Malema’s agenda guarantees economic ruin. For example,

Malema said his party believed all jobs in the country should be permanent.

The EFF would implement legislation that would ensure this.

What effect will it have on employment if once hired, a worker can never be let go? No one likely to vote for the EFF would think it through far enough to wonder.

Malema also plans to impose set wages for various occupations, to inflict nationalized health insurance that will incorporate “traditional healers” (i.e., witch doctors), and to pass out all sorts of goodies like social grants, increased pensions, increased child support grants, free education, scholarships to study abroad, et cetera, ad nauseam. Peggy the Moocher would love it.

Any of these goodies that actually materialize will be financed by Western aid, since there is no chance South Africa will generate significant wealth without property rights.

Economic Freedom Fighters
Actually, it is over for everyone but tyrants.

On a tip from Sean K.

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