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Oct 19 2018

Seattle Church Firebombed

You don’t have to travel all the way to Argentina during National Encounter of Women to witness moonbats throwing Molotov cocktails at churches while beleaguered Christians pray within. America’s utopian progressive future is now in Seattle:

About fifty people were worshiping inside a Seattle church when someone threw Molotov cocktails at it starting a small fire, the Seattle Fire Department said.

Fortunately, the fire at the Iglesia ni Cristo Church was put out before the SFD arrived. Although services were in session at the time, no one was hurt. But there is always next time.

The nontrinitarian Christian denomination Iglesia ni Cristo is big in the Philippines. Whether this is a person grudge or more acting out on behalf of the liberal mob is unknown.

Regardless, churches aflame may become a common sight if progressives continue to go off the rails. Nancy Pelosi might call it “collateral damage.”

On a tip from ComradeJ.

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