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Oct 10 2019

Seattle Ethnic Studies Advisory Committee Attacks Math

Every aspect of Western civilization will be eradicated in the name of moonbattery — even math. Here the leftist maniacs infesting Seattle schools are on the cutting edge:

An Ethnic Studies Advisory Committee (ESAC), under the Seattle Public Schools Superintendent, published a preliminary Math Ethnic Studies framework document populated by district representatives that explains math as a racist study used to oppress students…

At its core, the belief seems to be that “western” math is viewed as the only “legitimate expression” of math identity and that it’s used to “disenfranchise people and communities of color” and, consequently, it “erases the historical contributions of people and communities of color.”

If a grade school Student of Color thinks 2 + 2 = 5, it would be racist to correct him.

Failing to teach him the right answer will not benefit him. However, it will benefit leftist social engineers by advancing their agenda.

The same mentality has already been applied to history:

The U.S. History Ethnic Studies Framework insists “the United States government was founded on racist intellectual premises and economic practices that institutionalized oppression of people of color that continues to the present day.”

The document does not hide their goal of demonizing capitalism as exploitative and oppressive. They present mass incarceration as “the New Jim Crow” and want students to understand that “Europeans brought the dominant worldview values of “guns, the bible, private property and social hierarchy, and racial supremacy.”

In utopia, students will not learn their precious heritage, nor will they learn math. They will learn moonbattery.

Think of a madrassah, where students “learn” by rocking back and forth reciting the Koran all day every day. That’s what the future of American education will look like under liberal rule. Instead of the Koran, students will recite left-wing bumper sticker slogans.

We are halfway there already.

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