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Apr 06 2020

Crime Spikes in Seattle as Police Chief Focuses on Racist Name-Calling

Crime is skyrocketing in Seattle:

Burglary cases have exploded in Seattle’s west precinct since the coronavirus stay-at-home order and a county policy prohibiting most misdemeanor jail bookings went into effect. …

As of Friday April 3, burglary cases were up 87% over the previous 28 days in the west precinct according to the Seattle Police Department’s internal crime database.

This precinct includes downtown Seattle. Burglaries in the city as a whole are up 21%.

In addition to the booking policy that puts more criminals on the street right when shuttered businesses present burglary opportunities, there is a critical shortage of staffing. According to Mike Solan, president of the Seattle Police Officer’s Guild, the police are “working on pulling in detectives to wear the uniform and answer 911 calls.”

Another factor relates to the priorities of Police Chief Carmen Best. She has encouraged the public to call 911 for racist name-calling:

So-called “hate speech” isn’t even a crime:

Hate speech is broadly protected by the First Amendment, meaning there is likely little the Seattle Police Department will be able to do if an incident of racist name-calling is reported.

According to state law, calling someone names does not count as a hate crime unless a credible threat is involved. But considering that Carmen Best likely owes her position to political correctness, it is hardly surprising that she would prioritize it over public safety.

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