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May 14 2018

Seattle’s Kshama Sawant: Way to the Left Even of Amazon

It would be hard to imagine a more liberal company than Amazon, which supports the last extremes of LGBT militancy and whose CEO Jeff Bezos owns the leftward lurching Washington Compost. But as in the case of Starbucks, pandering to moonbattery does not make it safe from moonbats. Seattle City Councilcommie Kshama Sawant ominously denounces Bezos as a bully:

“Jeff Bezos is a bully, I think we are in broad agreement on that. … What is happening is Amazon and Jeff Bezos are using their incomprehensible amount of wealth to hold an entire city hostage, to hold construction jobs hostage, saying they can’t pay a pocket change worth of taxes — that’s the behavior of a bully.”

The reference is to a greedy head tax Sawant and her fellow leftists want to impose on corporations foolish enough to do business in a burg that actually features a statue of communist dictator Vladimir Lenin.

Companies making $20 million or more annually in Seattle are to be punished for hiring full-time workers at a rate of $500 per year per worker.

Amazon announced it was pausing construction on a new office tower in downtown Seattle while the city debates a controversial “progressive tax on business.” The projects they’ve paused would bring 7,000+ new jobs to the Seattle, plus the construction-related jobs.

Not liking to have your lunch money stolen makes you a bully, according to Sawant. This odious tyrant is actually working with a union front group called Working Washington to criminally prosecute Amazon for “intimidating a public servant” for holding off on the expansion until learning whether the head tax passes.

When a progressive calls you a bully, get ready to be bullied.

On tips from Becky in Washington and Jack S.

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