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Jan 16 2020

Self-Proclaimed 8-Year-Old Girl Sentenced for Child Pornography

Even at this stage of societal moral decay, almost all of us can agree that possessing child pornography is bad. But is it bad even if you are an 8-year-old girl? I’m asking because 45-year-old Joseph Gobrick is an 8-year-old girl according to liberal dogma, since he identifies as one.

From Matt Walsh:

A convicted sex offender in Michigan is heading to prison for 10–20 years after being caught with child pornography on his computer. What makes this case interesting is the defense that 45-year-old Joseph Gobrick offered in court. Speaking to a judge at his sentencing hearing, Gobrick claimed that he has a First Amendment right to look at child porn. He also claimed that he identifies as an eight-year-old girl.

If Bruce Jenner is female, and we all must agree that he is or face censure, then so is Joseph Gobrick. As for being 8 years old,

If Gobrick can identify as a female, why can’t he identify as a female of whatever age he chooses? At least a man who “feels like a child” can rightly point out that he was once a child, so he has some frame of reference for judging these feelings. And at least it does make sense, in the case of certain mental disabilities, to say that an adult “has the brain of a child.” None of this vindicates Gobrick to any extent at all, but my point is that transageism is actually more credible and makes more sense than transgenderism. It’s still bogus, but slightly less so. Age does change, after all. I will not be a 33-year-old man forever. But I will be a man forever. If my sex is a fluid characteristic, how much more fluid must my age be?

It never takes long for reductio ad absurdum to reduce liberal ideology to smoldering ruin, since it is absurd to begin with.

Gobrick is not the first man to achieve immortality by identifying as a little girl who never grows older. Paul Wolscht declared himself to be forever a 6-year-old girl, and even found people willing to indulge him in his grotesque fantasy.

However, the court was unpersuaded by Gobrick’s defense, proving that America is just like Nazi-occupied Europe:

“Under the law, Auschwitz was legal,’’ Gobrick said, in an apparent reference to the Nazi concentration camp in southern Poland. “What you’re doing here is wrong, just as Auschwitz was.’’

If he can get a retrial, maybe he will have better luck by starting off with the Nazi defense.

On tips from Varla, ABC of the ANC, and Ellen O.

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