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May 22 2013

Senate Confirms: Amnesty Will Mean Welfare Bonanza for Invaders

Our hostile rulers don’t even pretend that the beneficiaries of the Gang of Eight Quislings’ amnesty bill will not immediately create a massive drain on the welfare system:

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted Monday to allow illegal immigrants who get legal status to begin collecting tax-welfare payments, as the panel spent a fourth day working through amendments to the massive immigration bill and party-line splits began to emerge. …

In one vote, Sen. Jeff Sessions, Alabama Republican, tried to prevent anyone but citizens and green-card holders from being able to claim the Earned Income Tax Credit, which uses the tax code to transfer money to the poor.

But Sen. Charles E. Schumer, New York Democrat, said that would deny the tax credit not only to legalized immigrants but also refugees, asylum-seekers and other legal workers.

In case it isn’t yet obvious to everyone, what these Cloward-Piven traitors are doing is putting the entire planet on the American welfare system. All you have to do is cross a border that Republican Gang of Eighters Lindsey Graham and Jeff Flake voted to leave undefended, and you won’t have to work again until after the USA collapses.

Unfortunately for the tens of millions of Third World freeloaders who will flood our country after amnesty is rammed through, that won’t be more than a few years.

Glenn Beck points out the real authors of federal immigration policy.

On a tip from Fiberal.

20 Responses to “Senate Confirms: Amnesty Will Mean Welfare Bonanza for Invaders”

  1. CT says:

    This is not what I thought I heard Sen. Rubio saying about the bill’s provisions, sure hope for his sake he is in full opposition now. For our country’s sake as well.

  2. dan says:

    the only way to stop this plan is by ending welfare/SS/food ebt which is going to throw
    grandma under the bus…..
    which suits the Moonbats in Washington and the people who put them there
    just fine…almost as easy as killing babies and molesting children…and harassing small business.
    Had enough ?

  3. Laurie says:

    A good way to show the RINOs the error of their ways is to let them experience the “joys” of illegals by sending them to their homes.

    I’ll start. John “Juan” McCain has a minimum of six houses:

    Would anyone like to help me translate the phrase “Free housing while waiting for Amnesty!” into Spanish, along with maps to McCain’s homes? Since “Juan” is in Washington all the time, he’s not using them, so what better place to put his beloved illegals?

  4. Laurie says:

    Off-topic, but relevant:

    New York Mayor Bloomberg, after losing a lawsuit brought upon the city by a cab company, yelled publicly at the CEO of the cab company and swore “I’ll destroy your industry!”

    Inside every liberal, there’s a totalitarian screaming to get out. It’s time to arrest all of them and sell them into slavery before they do any more damage.

  5. Sam Adams says:

    People should know what happens when they invite invaders into their country:

    On Sunday night, more than 100 cars were set alight, Swedish media report.

    Police in the deprived, largely immigrant suburb of Husby shot a man dead last week after he reportedly threatened to kill them with a machete.

    The founder of a local youth group told Swedish media the riots were a reaction to “police brutality”.

    Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt told reporters on Tuesday that Sweden would not be intimidated by rioters.

    Anybody want to guess whether the rioters are descendants from Vikings? Any guess on whether they are members of the state church, aka the Lutherans?

    Now I’m just guessing here, but I’ll bet a bunch of Amish youths who hate cares started all of this.

  6. Dr. 9 says:

    Now we’re starting to see what all that ammo was really for.

  7. Clingtomyguns says:


    Leahy received expected opposition from Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham and Jeff Flake to the provision, but the introduction also was opposed by four Democratic senators — Sens. Dianne Feinstein, Dick Durbin, Chuck Schumer and Al Franken… although the media focused just on the Republicans

    Human Rights Campaign president Chad Griffin took aim primarily at Republican opposition in a statement, saying that “it is deplorable that a small number of Senators have been able to stand in the way of progress for lesbian and gay couples torn apart by discriminatory laws” and calling out Senators Graham, Flake, John McCain and Marco Rubio for “threaten[ing] to derail the entire immigration bill to appease a small but vocal group of anti-gay social conservatives.”

    As any fifth-grader of average intelligence could have surmised, the whole point of floating this amendment was to manufacture a showy “concession” to Republicans when Democrats inevitably withdrew it. The art of passing the immigration bill is to make it as palatable as possible to the conservative base, who can potentially derail it by putting enough pressure on Rubio et al. Watching the Democrats bow on benefits for gay spouses lets GOP amnesty supporters in Congress “prove” that they’re not getting rolled by Schumer and company but are rather forcing the left to make tough compromises. The more they “win” at Obama’s and Schumer’s expense, even though the bill overall is undeniably a loss, the easier it is to reassure grassroots righties who aren’t paying close attention that this is a true bipartisan deal. The same basic logic explains why Rubio, more than any other Republican, has been throwing roundhouses at Obama lately for the IRS scandal. The tougher he is on O, the more low-information GOP voters will trust that he’s not making a bad deal on immigration. …

    Two people familiar with the Senate immigration deliberations say the White House has suggested to Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy that it would be best to put off a controversy over gay marriage until a bill goes before the full Senate. …

    They’ll probably bring up the gay-spouse provision again next month when the bill comes to the Senate floor, maybe even as an amendment to force the GOP to vote it down, just for the political value they’ll wring from that later. But as I say, it’s all for show. And it’s a show Rubio et al. will endure, because if they take Bill Kristol’s advice and walk away now, Obama really will hit them full force next year as being anti-Latino rather than merely anti-terrible-bill.

    The Judiciary Committee ended up voting 13-5 to send the bill to the full Senate. Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, and good ol’ Orrin Hatch all voted yes. Exit question: Why isn’t Mitch McConnell preventing this bill from coming to the floor? The question answers itself, doesn’t it?

    Despite this, some gays have realized that Demoncraps politics are playing them as fools:

    Gay rights advocates are reacting angrily to a decision by Senate Democrats on Tuesday to drop protections for same-sex couples from a landmark immigration reform bill in order to preserve Republican support for the legislation.

    “Today it became clear that our so-called ‘friends’ don’t have the courage or the spine to stand up for what’s right,” Felipe Sousa-Rodriguez, co-director of the social-justice organization GetEQUAL, said.

    Sousa-Rodriguez said Democratic lawmakers “are content to buy into the false choice that Republicans created — holding a sorely-needed immigration bill hostage in order to cement inequality into law.”

    Obama, as well, stands ready to throw gays under his bus to get a bill passed:

    “President Obama, who had included the same-sex protections in his own immigration principles, had told liberal allies that he was prepared to forgo the provision if that were the only way to get a bill through Congress.”

    So much for loyal Democraps. Let’s hope their gay constituents go ballistic at them for their betrayal.

  8. Subject Bob says:

    Why should I keep working?

  9. Fiberal says:

    This is why it is critical to get Tea Partiers in the senate and congress in 2014:

    Yep. You read that right.

    Another betrayal from a republican joining the ranks of democrats in order to bring down the country.

    ….By proudly announcing that McConnel will not block the Amnesty Bill before a senate vote, this all but insures that the bill goes to congress.

    By then, it will pass cluttered up with all kinds of amendments that will transfers all rights including every imaginable entitlement to anyone any Third-World, Low IQ, baby factory, foreign-language-gibbering idiot who decides they want to live in the U.S.

    There was an outpouring of Tea Party support to get this bill blocked, so at least I cannot entirely blame the usual indolent suspects.

    But … goodbye America.

    Hello Atzlan.


    Yeah, that’s right: Si Se Puede with the help of RINO traitors.

  10. Fiberal says:

    Hell with it.

    I made my money.

    I don’t even know why I was concerned.

  11. Jodie says:

    These are the amounts that the lawbreakers could receive on their 2013 tax returns:

    Tax Year 2013 maximum credit:

    $6,044 with three or more qualifying children
    $5,372 with two qualifying children
    $3,250 with one qualifying child
    $487 with no qualifying children

  12. Rich says:

    Ryan-Rubio “conservative” amnesty ad insults our intelligence..

  13. A. Levy says:

    You can tell your grandchildren that you were alive when their country was given away. And, you can also tell that it’s not their country any more.

    This is what happens when weak, gullible, and incredibly stupid people are allowed to vote.

  14. Spider says:

    I’m not a big fan of Glen Beck, but i do remember him telling us of Cloward and Pivan, and their blueprint for America’s demise. And, that Obama was a protegee of theirs. This was in ’08 when Obummer first started running for the WH. I must say Beck was right on target.

  15. Flu-Bird says:

    The IMPERIAL SENATE JUDICARY COMMITY are all TRAITORS every one of these misble reptiles AND I HATE REPTILES

  16. Flu-Bird says:

    All ecsept for DINASOURS and the DONT TREAD ON ME snake

  17. Seipherd says:

    Border Security comes in various forms — sadly, most of the “border debate” mistakenly focuses upon the crossing into the US via it’s southern border with Mexico. However, the real border debate should be about where our welfare and citizen benefits start and stop. If not for illegals crossing into the pocketbooks of US taxpayers, much of the illegal immigration problem would go away, with or without a fence along the southern border of the US.

    Conservatives need to forget the line in the sand, and start focusing upon the line into their wallets. The line in the sand or border fence is a side show that liberals are all too happy to play games with so long as the path into taxpayer wallets (and illegal voting) continues relatively unimpeded.

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