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Apr 15 2019

Sense From Cher on Sanctuary Insanity

You know California has gone completely off the rails with its policy of inviting the entire Third World to come and mooch in violation of federal law when even a moonbat like Cher objects:

Looks like her earlier offer of sanctuary for illegal aliens at her mansion no longer stands. Somehow it never quite sounded sincere.

Background from Breitbart on the California crisis:

Los Angeles is home to the second largest homeless population in the country, second to only New York City. About 50,000 residents of Los Angeles are homeless and about 7.5 percent of California’s American Veteran population is homeless.

As the city remains crippled by homelessness and skyrocketing housing costs, Los Angeles metro area is also home to the second largest illegal alien population — with nearly a million illegal aliens living in the region, according to Pew Research Center.

Immigration of both the legal and illegal varieties also drives up the price of housing — a major factor in resource-rich but moonbat-infested California having the lowest standard of living and worst quality of life in the country.

On tips from 1-Bodhisattva, Jester, and Varla.

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