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Jun 21 2019

Seven-Year-Old Boy Beaten to Death by Lesbians

Here’s another one for the Diverse Families file. This time, instead of cutting off her son’s genitals because she had decided that he wanted to be a girl, then later murdering and beheading him as we read about earlier this week, the lesbian mommy reportedly beat her son to death for refusing to dress inappropriately:

A seven-year-old boy in Mexico, identified as Karol Rámon, was reportedly beaten to death by his mother after refusing requests to dress like a girl. The mother’s girlfriend is suspected to have been involved in other beatings of the minor.

Lesbianism is often associated with feminism, which in turn is associated with an antipathy to males grounded in psychopathology.

Rámon’s body was full of bruises, old scars, cigarette burns, and the marks “made by some large object,” the outlet reported. The boy was determined to have been “beaten with a belt, a chair, a whip and even a hammer. In addition to the blows, they left him without food for days.”

On the positive side, his horizons were broadened by the diverse experience of being raised in a politically correct unconventional family.

It is bad enough when adults devote their lives to wallowing in depravity and mental illness, but far worse when children are subjected to these unwholesome environments.

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