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Dec 13 2018

Sewage Pours Across Border From Tijuana

At this point, the moonbattery is so advanced that sometimes you don’t know if you are watching the news or some dystopian sci-fi black comedy. One way to tell the difference is that in even the lousiest fiction, the symbolism would not be as ham-fisted as millions of gallons of sewage flowing across the southern border into San Diego County:

More than 6 million gallons (22 million liters) a day of raw sewage has spilled into the river since Monday, authorities say.

Swimmers and surfers have been urged to stay out of the ocean, because from the Tijuana River the sewage flows into sea.

Tijuana is in the news a lot lately, because that’s where an army from Central America has amassed at the border, festering in filth and disease, demanding money, and in some cases sneaking across into San Diego County.

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