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Feb 10 2020

Sex Criminals Sent to Brothels as Therapy in Germany

The USA’s near future if Democrats prevail is easy to predict. Just have a look at what progressive rule has done to Europe. Germany competes with even New York and California when comes to pandering to criminals. Sex criminals are sent to brothels to fornicate with prostitutes in the name of therapy.

Via Voice of Europe:

[T]he psychiatric clinic in the penal system of Lippstad-Eickelborn … admitted that the prostitutes working at the brothels were not informed as to what kind of people they were dealing with. The clinic told the German press that the visits were meant to socialize the sex offenders to women.

The “therapeutic technique” has also been tried in the Osnabrück penal system in Lower Saxony in 2001. In this particular therapy experiment, a prostitute was brought to the clinic so that intellectually impaired sex offenders could practice sex free of violence.

Prostitution is legal in progressive Germany. Under liberal rule, that which is not forbidden soon becomes taxpayer supported if not mandatory.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

One Response to “Sex Criminals Sent to Brothels as Therapy in Germany”

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