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Nov 22 2021

Sex Offender Board Cancels Term “Sex Offender”

Updates to the Newspeak Dictionary will continue until utopia has been achieved — i.e., until no one championed by Democrats is ever offended by anything. Now the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board has canceled the term “sex offender” lest it offend sex offenders. Instead, these precious snowflakes are to be referred to as “adults who commit sexual offenses.”

The Federalist reports:

The board’s decision passed following a 10-6 vote on Nov. 19 will not change the language used in criminal justice proceedings, the Colorado Sex Offender registry, or the name of the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board itself. It does, however, apply to the “Standards and Guidelines for the Assessment, Evaluation, Treatment and Behavioral Monitoring of Adult Sex Offenders.”

The purpose is to destigmatize sex criminals. Seriously:

The rationale for the language shift is reducing stigma against those convicted of sex crimes, with the Denver Post claiming “many attorneys, people on the sex offender registry and even some victims have criticized Colorado’s management of this population as overly harsh and counterproductive to the goal of rehabilitation.”

I doubt the Denver Post regards the appalling treatment of Kyle Rittenhouse overly harsh. Sex criminals (e.g., liberal martyr Joseph Rosenbaum) have the sympathy of the progressive establishment. Decent kids trying to protect people’s property from leftist rioters do not.

Also in Colorado, Democrat State Representative Kerry Tipper has tried to get the phrase “sexually violent predator” erased from state law.

But it is still okay with liberals to call Rittenhouse a “a little murderous white supremacist” for resisting Black Lives Matter rioters.

Progressive preferences are also reflected at the national level:

These rhetorical changes mimic those that were present in the Centers for Disease Control’s woke language guide. That also exchanged terms like inmate and prisoner for “people who are incarcerated or detained.” Criminal was changed to “people in pre-trial or with charge” or “people who were formerly incarcerated.”

Newspeak can get a little wordy.

Meanwhile, others work to destigmatize pedophilia.

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