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Nov 09 2018

“Sexiest Man Alive” Idris Elba Not PC Enough

Given the importance in the liberal agenda of blending whites out of existence through miscegenation, it is no surprise that People Magazine has named a person of politically preferred pigmentation the “sexiest man alive” for the second time in the past 3 years. But this still isn’t politically correct enough to suit The Guardian, which complains that Idris Elba may be black but he isn’t a homosexual:

Elba fits squarely into an amusing pattern that People has been building up over the years, which sees them plump for decidedly masculine, established, patriarchal figures. The award, in other words, is relentlessly straight: this makes it feel weirdly detached from contemporary public discourse, which has clearly cross-pollinated with queer culture where the attractiveness of men is concerned.

People magazine traditionally favours the lantern-jawed hetero…

Despite his flaw of not being conspicuously homosexual, The Guardian describes Elba as “incontrovertibly loin-tugging.” This was written by a guy named Caspar Salmon. Behold a representative of our cultural gatekeepers:

On a tip from Steve T. Hat tip: David Thompson.

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