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Dec 11 2018

Sexist Wage Gap Again Shown to Be a Lie

Authoritarian leftists continue to shriek that America is sexist because of the wage gap between men and women. Only a government so omnipotent and omnipresent that it dictates each person’s income can rectify this outrage against equity. The hysterical totalitarians at NBC have amped up the propaganda to the point that women are now said to be underpaid by 51%.

We are led to assume that the discrepant wages are for the same work. Not true:

[T]he commonly reported figure—that a woman earns 80 cents for every dollar earned by a man—is derived by taking the total annual earnings of men in the American economy in a given year and dividing that by the number of male workers. This gives you the average annual earnings of an American man. Then you do the same thing but for women. The average annual women’s earnings come in at about 80 percent of the average annual man’s earnings.

There’s your wage gap. However,

It ignores the fact that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in 2017, men worked an average of 8.05 hours in an average day compared to 7.24 hours for women.

Still more deceptively, the stats brandished by progressives do not take into account the type of work performed.

BLS data shows that, in 2017, 94 percent of child day care services workers were female, the highest percentage of any category, and that the mean annual wage of childcare workers was $23,760. By contrast, just 2.9 percent of workers in logging were women, the lowest share of any category, and the mean annual wage here was $42,310.

Does anyone other than a barking moonbat really believe that watching kids play warrants the same pay as grueling and dangerous labor?

Propagandists stretch the stats further into falsehood by lumping part time and full time workers together.

A new Harvard study attempted to produce more relevant data by comparing relative earnings for the same job at the same place — the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. Men are paid more there, but why?

Turns out it is because men take less leave and work more overtime hours. The male chauvinist pigs!

Parenthood turns out to be an important factor. Fathers were more likely than childless men to want the extra cash from overtime, and mothers were more likely to want time off than childless women.

Feminist ideology always comes up against its sworn enemies: the family and the crucial urge to procreate.

The gender wage gap is a hoax. It has been illegal to pay men and women differently for the same work since the 1963 Equal Pay Act. But crises are very enabling for power-hungry liberals, especially crises that don’t actually exist.

Hat tip: Maggie’s Farm.

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