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May 15 2018

Sharia in Antwerp: Elderly Belgian Beaten in the Street for Drinking Alcohol

An elderly Belgian beaten in the street demonstrates what happens to natives who treat Antwerp as if they still belonged there:

The incident happened at the “Rooseveltplaats” in Antwerp. According to Belgian newspaper HLN, the elderly man was drinking alcohol together with his son on the terrace of a Kebab shop.

Because the owner of the place doesn’t sell alcohol, he approached the father and the son to tell them he disagreed with their behaviour.

It didn’t end there. Watch as they beat the elderly gent in the middle of the street in broad daylight:

Europe’s quisling rulers have subjected it not merely to belligerently needy “refugees” but to a hostile foreign invasion that must be repelled at any cost.

On tips from Sean C and Dragon’s Lair.

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