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Nov 02 2018

Shooting of Patrick Kimmons Deemed Justified

As is usually the case when a sainted Criminal of Color is shot by the police, the lethal force has turned out to be justified, according to a grand jury that ruled on the case of Portland gangbanger Patrick Kimmons. As a statement from the Portland Police Union put it,

On September 30th, two Portland Police officers faced the most dangerous of circumstances. An armed and dangerous active shooter, who had seconds earlier fired his gun at a small crowd of people, advanced towards officers while still armed with his gun. The officers had mere seconds to react to the deadly situation that continued to threaten the lives of innocent bystanders as well as their own. They fired their weapons to protect our community.

Kimmons had just shot two people. Thanks to the Portland police, he won’t be shooting anyone else. Congratulations on a job well done, and on behalf of civilization, apologies to the officers involved for having to go through the wringer for keeping us safe.

How did Portlanders who have made Kimmons into another Michael Brown to worship react to the findings? Did they sheepishly admit that maybe they should try not to be so full of crap in the future? Unfortunately, no:

On Wednesday, a protest broke out in downtown Portland after the grand jury ruling was released. Family members and others blocked streets, held signs and shouted Kimmons’ name.

Meanwhile, offerings in honor of the dead gangbanger pile up on GoFundMe, though nothing on the scale Christine Blasey Ford is raking in. Fools and their money…

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