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Mar 24 2020

Shopping in San Francisco During Coronavirus

We’ve seen how shopping is done in San Francisco now that shoplifting has effectively been legalized in California. Did you think the vermin who take advantage of this moonbattery would let up on drug stores during a pandemic? Think again:

A brazen couple was caught on cellphone video casually looting a Walgreens in San Francisco amid the city’s shelter-in-place order to stem the spread of the coronavirus. …

It isn’t clear what specifically the couple were after, although the individual who recorded the video was heard saying, “I hope you overdose!” as the pair left the store without paying.

A Walgreens employee, who was wearing a mask and gloves, watched the crime helplessly.

This is the behavior that moonbattery nurtures and facilitates:

Expect more of this, as authorities throughout the country make it clear that lawlessness will be tolerated while the Wuhan virus panic reigns (e.g., Philadelphia, Dallas).

If things get bad enough, there may be a return to old traditions. One of my favorites is shooting looters.

On a tip from Varla.

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