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Nov 13 2018

Should Kat Timpf Convert to Moonbattery?

The Islamic world comprises mainly territory that was Christian prior to military conquest. The subjugated populations were Islamized over the course of centuries by relentless social pressure. Muslim conquerors wouldn’t usually kill you for being Christian, because in those days there were too many Christians to kill in places like Egypt, Syria, and Asia Minor. They would just make life hell for you. They would make sure you knew you were a despised, second-class citizen. If you didn’t like being despised and second-class, the solution was simple: convert to Islam. Modern liberalism works the same way, as Kat Timpf has been learning:

Timpf was forced to leave a bar in Brooklyn over the weekend after a woman she had never met became enraged upon learning she worked in conservative media. …

“This girl started going nuts on me, screaming at me to get out of the bar. I found her very threatening,” Timpf said of the woman, whom she had never met before. She said she tried to move to another section of the large bar but the young woman followed her while continuing to scream.

The woman, who was visibly intoxicated at the time, was surrounded by a large group of men and women who all stood by and laughed as she harassed Timpf and followed her around the bar. After realizing no one in the group would defend her in what might become a violent situation, Timpf was forced to flee the bar.

This is the third time Timpf has been harassed like this in NYC. She doesn’t identify with either the Right or the Left, but she is associated with Fox News, which is generally right of center, despite offering a soapbox to such an outspoken moonbat as Shepard Smith.

It would be easier for Kat if she just converted to moonbattery. Then she could go out in public and not be harassed, unlike Kirstjen Nielsen, Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell, Tucker Carlson, et al. Sure, it would cost her some self-respect to let herself be bullied into allegiance with such a distasteful ideology. But maybe she would get used to it after a while.

On the arguments, liberals lost when the Soviet Union caved in, if not earlier. But the Culture War isn’t primarily about arguments. It’s more about herd instincts. Leftists are using their control of the media and education, augmented by the public shaming tactics openly endorsed by prominent Congresswoman Maxine Waters, to convince people that if they do not conform to liberalism, they will be ostracized by the herd. Once this has been accomplished, the Left has won.

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