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Mar 28 2020

Shrillary Cackles as Americans Die

GQ journalist Julia Ioffe isn’t the only moonbat to seize on the Wuhan coronavirus as an opportunity to gloat. Be glad you weren’t present to have your ears gouged by the screeching cackle that serves her as laughter when Shrillary came up with this knee-slapper:

Believing that the USA definitively leads the world in COVID-19 cases requires believing data from the ChiComs. Taking that data on faith requires make-believe idiocy on the scale we witnessed when Shrillary asked, “What, like with a cloth or something?

Maybe the USA has more cases than the country that spawned the Chinese virus, maybe not. Moonbats prefer to believe that it does, for reasons of political opportunism.

On tips from Stormfax and Scott D.

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