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May 08 2016

Shrillary’s Turkey Shoot Begins

Now that we have entered the Twilight Zone, Democrats can tear the presumptive Republican nominee to pieces by quoting the accurate assessments of other Republicans:

Trump is the ideal candidate to ensure a massive Democrat victory, and the worst candidate imaginable for any other purpose. Given that Trump is a progressive former Democrat who has donated generously to Shrillary in the past, and that he has campaigned as a liberal’s caricature of a right-winger, you could almost believe that he is some kind of mole.

102 Responses to “Shrillary’s Turkey Shoot Begins”

  1. Rusty Bill says:


  2. Wilberforce says:

    “…you could almost believe that he is some kind of mole.”

  3. Wilberforce says:

    “…you could almost believe that he is some kind of mole.”


  4. S_O_T_A says:

    Well color me surprised. I can only see two variables left, what margin he loses by (I have to think, Mondale-esque) and how long until his drones wake up. The rest is just entertainment as America goes down the drain.

  5. Nobama says:

    Maybe. We’ll see. This country’s almost finished anyway considering 80% of voters under 30 support an outright socialist. Might as well go out with a bang with a possible Trump presidency and get it over quickly instead of continuing the slow death march with Hillary or another RINO.

  6. Grumpy Cat says:

  7. Skip says:

    This site has truly become a liberals site. Do you believe that if all of you bitch and moan about the GOP candidate those who voted for and approve of him are going away along with Donald Trump? This is a person that the country needs now. What have the ‘conservatives’ done for the country during the past 30 years? Where were all of you complainers when Obama was elected TWICE? You have already spent more time bashing Trump than you have Obama in over 7 years. Believe me, Trump will not have any problem defeating Hillary in the general election.

  8. cecil2 says:

    Well said. People are complaining about deck chairs while the ship sinks.

    Foolish and irresponsible. ITS NOT about people. ITs about the issues. Trump comes, Trump goes. ITs what he does that matters.

    And other GOP would sure as hell do nothing– they are captured and complicit

  9. majordata says:

    Have enjoyed Moonbattery for a long time. But this Trump thing… Those who don’t get it are perhaps also those who don’t understand Ann Coulter saying she ‘doesn’t give a damn’ what Trump’s position on abortion is. Because if you let another 30 million Latinos, on top of the 60 million since 1965, into the country, and they vote for abortion, it won’t matter what Trump’s position on abortion is. Ergo, Build The F****** Wall.

    I highly recommend this discussion just to bring into focus why the immigration issue is #1 for the country right now, for Europe as well as the US – and why Trump was the only chance for the country out of all the possible candidates. The first 35 mins or so is about free trade but still an interesting discussion.
    To me, Trump is a litmus test of whether Americans still believe in the essential good of the country and themselves – or not. His stance on immigration is the most conserving position there can be: it’s what both parties used to believe in until 1965.

    Trump’s not a tick-the-boxes conservative and there are some important questions still to be answered. OTOH, most of the equivalent questions are already answered with
    Hillary – she’s a known quantity. It’s questionable judgment to relegate Trump to no-hope status. It must be tough for those who don’t support either Trump or Hilary. Idealism shouldn’t trump pragmatism. Trump has a good thing going.

  10. SicSemperTyrannis says:

    Dave when are you gonna give it up, these never ending attacks on Trump and the sky is falling mentality. I’ve come to this site for years and have enjoyed your almost always spot on analysis of events but you’ve lost your mind over Trump. We know he’s a poor excuse of a conservative but then so was GWB and McCain, but I don’t seem to recall any such vitriol towards them.
    He’s strong on immigration and unless that is brought under control no other issue really matters because we’ll be overwhelmingly outnumbered.
    He can and will beat Hillary.

  11. Chronos Z. Wonderpig says:

    Trump in a landslide…….

  12. Nobama says:


    If one more big state turns Democrat, nothing else matters. Nothing. We cannot lose sight of this fact. And Trump is by far the strongest on stopping both the illegal and legal immigrant floodgates. Not even my first-choice Cruz demanded we send all the so-called refugees back.

    As far as Trump never having a chance to win the general, check out the latest CNN polls. Hillary would beat Cruz by double digits as well. Only Kasich, a self-professed RINO, beats Hillary. Even worse, Bernie beats them all. And these polling trends has been true for months now.

    This is where we are folks. Cruz always stood as little chance at getting elected as Trump…possible even less once the media and Democrats got done with him. At least most of the attacks on Trump are ineffective including this latest Hillary ad. Trump’s a known quantity having been in the public spotlight for 4 decades. If anything, watching all the RINOs pile on Trump only helps him.

  13. Nobama says:

    I won’t go that far but will say this. If most Bernie supporters stick to their word and never vote for Hillary, Trump might actually pull it off. But that’s only if the #NeverTrumpers wake up and realize that stopping the immigration floodgates is all matters now.

  14. 762x51 says:

    tRump in a landfill would be more appropriate.

    As you requested.

  15. 762x51 says:

    The whole purpose of Moonbattery was to expose, discuss and yes, denigrate the Progressives who are destroying this country. tRump is one of those Progressives so no one should be surprised,

    This election is irrelevant. Now, no matter who wins, a NY Progressive will be in the White House. With tRump at the top of the ticket, the so called down ticket candidates will suffer huge defeat and the Democrat party will have what it has long sought, full control of all three branches of government. If tRump is the nominee, the Democrats will regain the Senate and possibly the House as well.

    The Progressive Trumpanzees have sealed our fate.

  16. 762x51 says:

    If your boy is so strong on immigration, why did he fund the Gang of Eight Amnesty effort?

    He SAYS he is strong on amnesty but his ACTIONS are exactly the opposite.

    Surely you must know to judge a politician by their actions not their words.

  17. Nobama says:

    Since when did Progressives demand deporting all illegals, refugees and Muslims?

  18. Nobama says:

    We’ll see. At this point we don’t have much option aside from Hillary. Given how Trump has built his entire campaign on building a wall, it will be hard for him to walk it back.

    As far as judging by actions, you could say the same thing about every damn RINO candidate in the last 3 decades.

  19. 762x51 says:

    I’ve been bashing Obama for over 10 years. This site has spent an enormous amount of effort during the last 7 years, DAILY is an accurate estimate, bashing Obama and the Progressive left. I have been here for all of it.

    tRump is just another Progressive so there is no reason to treat him any differently, unless you believe his bullshit, which you clear do.

  20. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Are you going to join all those Hollywood elites, affected individuals like Whoopi, Redford, Baldwin among others promising to leave the country if Trump is elected? You’re singing their song, must be in that choir.

  21. 762x51 says:

    Campaign promises are not worth the water vapor they produce. The wall is already law, I can take you the place where hey just stopped working on it. The construction materials are still sitting there, rusting away.

    What has been missing is the FUNDING for it, the democrats defunded it back when they controlled Congress and this Republican controlled Congress has FAILED to re-establish that funding. Despite his promises, tRump cannot just wave his scepter and make it happen. Congress must authorize it and they will not do that because they are mostly Progressives, regardless of party. All tRump has to do then is what Obama has been doing for the last 7 years, blame a do nothing Congress. He won’t have to walk it back.

    Gaining control of the White House was never the solution, it was only part of the solution. Gaining the WH and losing Congress, the most likely scenario in a Trump v. Clinton election, will accomplish nothing.

  22. Ed. G. Mann says:

    I didn’t know Trump was a politician? When was he in office?

  23. 762x51 says:

    Not me Progtard, I stand and fight.

  24. Ed. G. Mann says:

    They’re picking up their marbles and going home, with their tails twixt their legs.

  25. Ed. G. Mann says:

    you have been reading your own press releases. Bad juju to do that.

  26. Ed. G. Mann says:

    According to all your bluster, not Trump, so it has to be Hillary.

  27. 762x51 says:

    Again, you are taking his word which is directly the opposite of his actions.

    The main gripe against the GOPee is that they have promised to do one thing and then done the opposite once elected. tRump has done one thing, funded the Gang of Eight Amnesty, and is promising to do the opposite, build a wall, once elected.


  28. 762x51 says:

    According to all your bluster, you are nothing but a Progressive hiding behind a Libertarian mask. No different than tRump, the Progressive hiding behind a Republican mask.

    For a guy who claims he is voting for old Gary Johnson, to zero affect, you sure love to defend “The Douchald”.

  29. 762x51 says:

    Politician: a person who is professionally involved in politics, especially as a holder of or a candidate for an elected office.

    Candidates for office are politicians.

    Seems like there is much you do not know.

  30. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Kasich is a Democrat anyway. All these polls you cite, no one ever give and of the ctosstab data which contains the R to D respondents, locations asked, ages of respondents, how asked (face to face or phone). Otherwise they can be asking a ration of 75 to 25 Dems to Reps to get the answers thise paying for the poll want.

  31. 762x51 says:

    Troll much, turd eater?

  32. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Hit a sensitive spot did we?

  33. seaoh says:

    While I am not the biggest “Trumpster”, I believe Trump (assuming we have a free and fair election) will trunce Hillary in a landslide.
    There is no love or enthusiasm for Hillary, even on the left.

    exhibit A:

    exhibit: B

    and C :

  34. 762x51 says:

    Said the asshole hiding behind a Libertarian mask.

    Having no principles of your own, it is understandable that would not comprehend our intention to stand by our principles. It also explains why you hide your true self behind a mask while trying to defend your fascistic beliefs.

  35. Ed. G. Mann says:

    And you’re sliding downhill with your responses. Here along I though you would exhibit ingenuity, verve and panache. I was wrong.

  36. Nobama says:

    I know all about the wall being approved over 10 years ago but not ever being fully funded. The wall is also a metaphor for deporting all illegals. All Trump has to do is start enforcing the current laws. He can do that on day one.

    Once they see he’s serious, they *will* start self-deporting. Most illegals spook easily, as proven when Arizona’s tough immigration enforcement law went into effect. They fled in droves, but unfortunately it ended up getting shot down by a progressive federal judge.

  37. 762x51 says:

    No, I always treat dirtbags this this level of disrespect since they have earned none.

    Feel free to keep going, it can get much worse.

  38. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Not hardly! According to the GOPe, all the pundits and the press, Trump doesn’t act or sound like a politician. Then again, perhaps that’s why he’s on top.

  39. Ed. G. Mann says:

    No, it won’t. You shown the depth of our intellect.

  40. Nobama says:

    Perhaps. All things considered I still trust Trump more at this point than the GOPe. Sad but true.

  41. Nobama says:

    I somewhat agree, but I’ve been following the RCP polls since last year. It’s hard to believe they could be so far off for so many months with so many different polls. That’s the hard cold reality. Im afraid our country is pretty much finished long term. The socialists won. Best we can hope for is a swift, bloodless collapse just like when the USSR fell. At least I’m in a good state. The Republic of Texas will survive if we can get the wall finished.

  42. 762x51 says:

    Yes, he could start that on day one and I will be shocked if does. However, the wall is more than a metaphor. If you haven’t been to the border, I mean the REAL border not some well defined crossing like San Yisidro or El Paso, but out in the desert where the real shit happens, you don’t understand how bad it is.

    He can deport 10,000 per day and most will be back home in time for breakfast the next morning. He can’t deploy the military along the border, which would stop 95% of what is going on, without Congress. He can’t start build a wall without Congress. He can’t even start deporting massive numbers of illegals already here without Congress because he would need funding for hundreds more immigration courts. He could start rounding them up, but he would need Congress to fund a place to hold them. Even then, he couldn’t hold them indefinitely without judge seeing them so we are back to the problem of funding.

    As to your point about AZ immigration law. the trafficking across the border there never stopped, I was there and saw it first hand. The cartels, who are the ones who actually control the border, don’t care about American laws of any kind or at any level, State or Fed. Criminals are funny that way.

    tRump makes a lot of noise and he may truly care about stopping illegal immigration but I doubt it. Even if he does, when was his last trip to the real border, to see the problem first hand? He has no idea how complicated this is and any one who believes that just “build a wall” and it will stop doesn’t understand the scope of the problem either.

    Do yourself a favor, go to the border, the real border, and see it for yourself first hand. Just don’t go alone, I recommend at least a four man team. It is far too dangerous otherwise.

  43. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Polls are all over the place until the last couple of months. Then the pollster’s reputations go on the line and they have to ‘get’ accurate. Depending upon which forum is paying for the poll, the questions will be formed differently, but they cannot be so far apart as to be out of possibility.

  44. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Executive fiat, just like Obama and defy Congress to go against the will of the people.

  45. 762x51 says:

    Ohh, well, if the pundits and the press say it, it must be true. I think it was on the Internet and in the National Enquirer as well, that solidifies it. Great documentation you have there.

    Words have meaning, it is the basis of language, another thing of which you seem to be unaware. Of course, Progressives love to change the meaning of words. Control the language, control the conversation and all that. Once again, your true self emerges for a brief glimpse.

    He is on top because of the press and all the free publicity they have given him, that is obvious to anyone with at least room temperature IQ. $2.5B so far. We shall see how they treat him over the next six months. Things are about to change in tRump lover world.

  46. Ed. G. Mann says:

    If words have meaning, then what the press, pundits and the GOPe say has to have meaning too. So my documentation is gold plated, by your words.

  47. Nobama says:

    Hate to say it but here’s a running average of Trump vs. Hillary polls going all the way back to last July. At best he briefly tied her twice.

  48. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Is it possible for you to converse without abasing yourself? Every time you answer you drag the language into the gutter. Or is it that you don’t have a larger vocabulary?

  49. 762x51 says:

    No dumbass, words like “politician” have meaning as I provided the definition. Meaning is what we adults call a synonym. “A synonym is a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language.” Words that are synonyms are said to be synonymous, and “meaning” is synonymous with “definition”
    What laughing passes for your documentation is meaningless because lies have no substance, they are “by definition” false.

    Little wonder you fall for the likes of tRump with as little comprehension as you possess.

  50. Ed. G. Mann says:

    I’ve seen many of those. What we don’t see are the internals which are far more accurate since they have to tell the candidate precisely what he needs to push, how to approach it and where to go to shore up support. We don’t get to see those except perhaps two months later.

  51. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Wuff! That got your panties in a knot. NO, you don’t get to redefine your term. That makes your statement “words have meaning” meaningless.

    Nice try but no cigar. But you do get to bend over and grab your ankles, just for practice this time.

  52. 762x51 says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA, just ripped off the ol’ Libertarian mask there didn’t ya? Run with Progressive ideology, it suits you.

    His despicable personalty side, what we hate most about tRump and his Trumpanzee army is the fascism you all desire. Conservatives, and REAL Libertarians, have no desire to see ANYONE rule in such a despotic fashion. It is no less wrong for you to do it than has been for Obama to do.

    I will not allow my children to live under fascism any longer.
    Not from the Democrats or the Trumpettes.

  53. 762x51 says:

    You have already demonstrated your inability to use or even comprehend language, so I won’t be taking your advice on that subject either. Besides, using my extensive vocabulary would only befuddle you even more than you already are.

    I’m not abasing myself when using terms that are entirely accurate. Only a real asshole would hide behind a Libertarian mask when they are really a Progressive in their heart, to wit:

    Executive fiat, just like Obama and defy Congress to go against the will of the people. – Ed. G. Mann 05/08/2016


  54. 762x51 says:

    I see you got a new thesaurus for your birthday. I remember my first one even though it was years ago.

  55. Bosun Higgs says:

    He’s not even a dehumidifier.

  56. 762x51 says:

    I don’t trust the GOPee either, because they are controlled by Progressive like Boehner, McConnell, Ryan, et al. But for that same reason, I don’t trust tRump. He is a bigger Progressive than all three of them put together.

    Look, MB opposed Mittens vociferously back in 2012, because he was a Progressive. tRump makes Romney look like a real conservative, he is far more Progressive than Romney, or McCain or Bush 41 & 43.

    The problem all these years has been the Progressive fifth column within the GOP. Making one of the people who has funded them AND the Progressives in the Democrat party your presidential nominee is not the solution to that problem.

  57. 762x51 says:

    Imbeciles like you are quite irritating, that is true.

    Apparently, all that I have tried to explain to you is just too complicated as you have failed to address even one of my points, a common Progressive tactic. I use the accepted definitions of words, idiot. Progressives like you redefine them as it fits your narrative.

    I already have cigars that I prefer so go ahead and pull one out of your ass and give yours to Bill Clinton, he seems to use a lot of them but I never see him smoke one.

    As for me bending over, how about you come and try to make me bend over, you chicken shit scum bag? Come on, either back up your bravado or piss off panty boy. Unlike you, I am ready, willing and able to back my shit up. So either you are as well or you are just another Progressive pussy.

  58. 762x51 says:

    LOL, “You shown the depth of our intellect. “, yes you have. YOUR intellect is lacking to the point of absence.

    Morons always try to weasel out of a fight they have lost this way. You are no different. Loser.

  59. 762x51 says:

    At least you have a decent Governor. TX needs to start building it own wall, let the Feds come try and stop it.

    The USSR fell apart over an extended period of time which allowed most of the hard line Communists to be eliminated through attrition from leadership, both civilian and military. Additionally, Gorbachev was not a fascist and was unwilling to slaughter his own people to retain power. I would not call what Russia has today “freedom”, it may be less Communist than in 1970, but it is still clearly ruled by a dictatorial strongman. It is still possible to disappear off the street there for speaking against the powers that be and no one will question it for fear of it happening to them. It seems there is a grey area between slave and free. Being less of a slave does not make you free.

    I’m afraid that the current crop of what passes for leadership in America today is not so mild in their commitment to power. We have “rulers” who have granted themselves the right not only to make laws, but to break them as well. That is the foundation of totalitarian despotism and despotism always ends in bloodshed. It is also an axiom that totalitarians may be elected to office, they can be voted in, but can never be voted out. Never in human history have totalitarians voluntarily stepped down from power. They have only been removed by force.

    Swift equals violence, slow equals less bloodshed when it comes to political change. The real question is how many generations of your progeny are you willing to consign to slavery in order to avoid what must be done?

  60. Nobama says:

    I was only referring to the USSR in the sense of how the states simply fell apart into individual countries again once their economy collapsed. Yes the build up itself took a long time, but in the end it fell swiftly and not a shot was fired. Soldiers weren’t being paid nor did they have any desire to fire on their fellow countrymen. They simply went home.

    And yes, I would prefer a bloodless collapse if possible, but Texas has been preparing for another situation just in case. For starters, former Gov. Perry quietly tripled funding to the Texas State Guard over the years. It has nothing to do with the National Guard and It answers solely to the Governor. It’s strictly volunteer-only, pays nothing and currently supports emergencies such as natural disasters. But everyone knows it may someday be needed for other things (think Minutemen). Also, current Governor Abbott recently brought all of Texas’ gold holdings back into the state in preparation for a gold-backed currency if necessary.

    Gov. Abbott is also a vocal supporter of Convention of States movement, which I view as the last possible firewall against complete federal tyranny.

    I’ve given up on any real change at the federal level happening, regardless of Dem or Repub. It’s more about state versus federal, and nationalism versus globalism now. At least Trump is somewhat right about America First, whether you agree with his methods or not. The GOPe and Dems are both fully onboard with the globalists now. That’s the big difference between the GOPe and Trump IMO.

  61. Ed. G. Mann says:

    So you are planning on leaving the Country. Canada is OK but with all your feistiness, You should really be needed in Venezuela. There you can don your cape and vanquish Communism/Liberalism/Socialism and of course every vestiage of Fascism with the Press waching. A true National hero.

  62. Jack Bauer says:

    ……”Democrats can tear the presumptive Republican nominee to pieces by quoting the accurate assessments of other Republicans”………

    Or, alternatively, they could save a lot of time and just come here and read literally weeks and weeks worth of endless, obsessive, often quite juvenile Trump bashing articles that they could employ in their campaign.

    As a conservative for decades, I have always followed Bill Buckley’s advice of voting for the most conservative candidate available to me, as I again felt I was doing in the primary when I voted for Cruz. As a consequence however, I’ve unfortunately grown used to my candidates not winning in the long run.

    But I have never seen such a collection of endless, junior high school level whining, like I have seen from some of my fellow Cruz supporters, with the possible exception of the Ron Paulbots.

    It’s become embarrassing.

    Cruz lost…….It’s time to stop the interminable pissing and moaning, and re-focus our sights on the real enemy, And just to pick a current one from the last 48 hours, may I suggest we start with my former idiot senator Kerry, who as S.of.S, is making speeches to young college graduates suggesting that they need to prepare to live in a “borderless” world.

    can tear the presumptive Republican nominee to pieces by quoting the
    accurate assessments of other Republicans: – See more at:
    can tear the presumptive Republican nominee to pieces by quoting the
    accurate assessments of other Republicans: – See more at:

  63. 762x51 says:

    I Knew TX had built a special repository facility for the gold and had heard Abbott had requested the TX gold back from the NY Fed but last I heard they were giving him the run around. So did he actually get it back inside TX? I doubt that you actually receive it. All that gold in FRB NY is mired in years if rehypothecation agreements. Germany has been trying to get 674 of the 1447 tons it has stored there back since 2013. So far they have only received less than 200 tons of it, but hey, the checks in the mail.

    Nationalism never turns out well for anyone, believing that there is some benign form of it is akin to the Sanders dimwits who believe that “Democratic Socialism” is some how a benevolent form of Marxism. Convince yourself of what ever you want. Your children are the ones who will have to live with the reality it produces.

    Settling for nationalism over globalism is still settling for evil. perhaps a lesser evil but evil none the less. I will not support evil, regardless of which “ism” you dress it up as.

  64. 762x51 says:

    I already said I wasn’t going anywhere, dunce. Evidently, your memory is as bad as your reading comprehension.

    Progressive fascists like you would love see folks like me leave though. It would make your desired subjugation of the population easier. Not gonna happen, chicken shit. You should be more worried who you are going to get to impose your totalitarian dreams on us. A pussy like you could never do it. Oh you could ORDER it done, but cowards never actually get their hands dirty. That may be a flaw in your plan, best your crayons out and re-think it.

    Shouldn’t you be getting ready for bed? The street lights are on.

  65. SicSemperTyrannis says:

    Probably out of some business deal expediency I assume. Look, I hear your passion and I get it I really do, you wanted an ideological purist and the Knuckle-draggers instead prop up some outrageously flawed vulgarian with a bad haircut. Sorry bout that. I happily voted for Ted on principle while being pretty sure he wouldn’t survive the primary and would have easily lost the general. IMHO. But Donald it is and he is obviously far preferable to a Hillary and now we just have to hang on and hope he delivers on some of his promises. What’s our alternative?

  66. Nobama says:

    Not sure about the latest status of the Texas gold. I’ll have to check.

    And when I said nationalism, I simply meant the opposite of globalism. Not Nationalism with a capital ‘N’. Let’s just call it American sovereignty. Our federal govt should answer to no one but the Amercan people.

  67. Nobama says:

    By the way, I’m no Trumpster. I’ve supported Cruz since he first ran against GOPe’s pick Dewhurst as a long shot in the Republican Senate primaries.

    At this point I’m a “Stop Hillary By Any Means Necessary” guy.

  68. ramrodd says:

    here we go again…we are all Progressives now….

    Why Didn’t Trump Include His Grand ‘Touchback’ Amnesty Scheme In His
    Immigration Manifesto?

    Answer: Because he knew that revealing this scheme (that he’s been
    talking about on interview after interview since April 14, 2015) would cause a
    Conservative revolt and very likely cost him the GOP nomination, so he simply
    left it out.

    As a result, there is no “touchback” Amnesty mentioned
    nor is there a mention of his wanting to deport all 40 to 60 million illegals in
    the U.S. in his manifesto.

    However, Conservatives and others paying attention will not let Trump off
    the hook re: his Amnesty. We want “the truth”! We want to know “how” he’s going
    to get “touchback” thru both houses of Congress and we want to know how many
    illegals-once-removed he will try to bring back..


  69. ramrodd says:

    Trump’s Deportation Proposal Isn’t Nazism, It’s A Senate Proposal Called
    ‘Touchback’ Amnesty..

    Marc Thiessen, former speechwriter to George W. Bush, in an appearance on
    The Kelly File said that what Mr. Trump is saying when he talks
    about sending them back is an actual amnesty proposal called “Touchback” aka
    “Touchback Amnesty”. It was a Senate proposal that narrowly missed passage in

    It was endorsed by the New York Times but the National Review was opposed
    because they called it amnesty. It simply means if illegal immigrants want to
    stay here, they can go back home and then receive expedited approval to come
    back in and stay.

    Marc Thiessen explains in the next video and, as he said, Trump’s rhetoric
    is more fiery than what he’s actually proposing.

  70. Debrahjcurren2 says:

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  71. TED says: NOW the GOP, soon to be the USA…..

  72. Ed. G. Mann says:

    You wrote,” I will not allow my children to live under fascism any longer. Not from the Democrats or the Trumpettes.”

    Since Trump is going to win that would put you under his administration, reasonable people take that to mean you are going to leave. That statement sounds rather declarative to all readers.

    Are you now saying you will stay and live under Trump’s Administration? Please clarify, all eagerly await your resolving answer.

  73. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Sounds reasonable and for the most part correct. the Elvis item is a conservative piece of tripe though.

  74. Ed. G. Mann says:


  75. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Conservatives are whining children who got a well deserved bowl of broccoli and now in a snit shall have no dessert.

  76. Ed. G. Mann says:

    All these whining tykes here are in for a rude shock. They’re blaming Trump for the wrath of the voters when it is the GOP that is to blame for his rise.

    Let Trump pick Carson for VP and promise to stick Cruz in SCOTUS and we’ll see what they have to say then.

  77. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Won’t happen since you’ll be leaving the country because Trump will win in November. Remember you and your family will NOT live under Fascist Democrats or Trump.

  78. Daniel says:

    When they stopped taking polls, Trump was getting over 50%. That popularity is still growing. And what blew me away yesterday was learning that the Democrat voter involvement decreased by roughly as much as the Republican voter involvement increased this cycle compared against the two previous cycles.

    It’s the talking heads who don’t support Trump. The people are largely, in the majority sense, in favor of Trump.

    It’s a funny reality some people live in. While on one hand, we are ready to point out the dishonesty of the media and on the other hand, we are willing to cite the media and everyone who speaks across the media as if they speak the truth.

    The polls vary somewhat from the results. But largely, the results have spoken.

    If you are still denying what you’ve been seeing, then it’s time to look elsewhere to see what’s wrong with the “information” you have. Belief is not information.

  79. Johnny Monday says:

    Keep up the good fight – especially if (God forbid!) we find ourselves under a Drumpf regime.

  80. 762x51 says:

    Knew you were a coward, all you Trumpanzees are.

    I’m laughing your face jackhole.

  81. 762x51 says:

    First things first ass breath.

    You have demonstrated your cowardice for all to see, so I’ll be talking about that from here on out. You have nothing but your keyboard machismo but you can’t back it up.

    Sniveling fucktard coward. Here is your official logo, you have earned it and a variation on the official tRump title. You are a Trumpansy.

  82. Daniel says:

    I think the opposite is true. As the division within the Democrat ranks grow, that division will result in even MORE support from the Democrat side for Trump. This support is already showing and growing.

    Your mythologies have been shown consistently wrong since the beginning of this election cycle. Isn’t it about time you consider LOOKING at what is happening instead of being told what will happen according to the official talking-heads narrative?

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