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Oct 26 2018

Sinead O’Conner Converts to Islam

My apologies. When I reported that washed up and admittedly mentally ill Irish pop star Sinead O’Conner — who years ago was already desperate enough for attention to “joke” about shooting the Pope — had reached rock bottom, I was premature. For Sinead, it seems there is always a bottom beneath the bottom. Now she has converted to Islam:

Her new name is Shuhada’ Davitt.

O’Connor was previously ordained as a Catholic priest by the Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in the 1990s.

For many centuries, European martyrs have endured horrific torture and death rather than renounce Christianity in favor of Islam. Ironically, Sinead’s new name means “martyrs” in Arabic. Maybe she is sneering at her ancestors, who fought off Islam for 1,400 years. Or maybe this is a tip of the hijab to terrorist suicide bombers, whom Muslims regard as martyrs.

Sinead had better keep that big tattoo of Jesus on her chest covered, and have a safe place to hide out so that she doesn’t get murdered for apostasy when she discovers that this pose won’t keep her in the limelight.

On tips from Sean C, Steve T, StephaneDumas, and ABC of the ANC.

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