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Jan 20 2017

Sinem, 14-Year-Old Islamic Hate Hoaxer

Trump’s election produced an explosion of hate hoaxes, driven largely by the “mainstream” media’s aggressive encouragement. But the hate hoax epidemic extends beyond America’s borders:

A Facebook page used to highlight claimed racist attacks in Austria which claimed a 14-year-old Muslim girl had been attacked and thrown onto a railway track has been called out after police said the story is fiction.

‘Racist Attacks and Discrimination in Austria’, which claims to record and document cases of racist attacks in Austria, posted “14-year old Sinem, was pushed by an unknown person on the tracks at the Vienna 1190 Krottenbachgasse and narrowly escaped death!” The author blamed Austrian Foreign Affairs and Integration Minister Sebastian Kurz for the violence after he agreed with a headscarf ban for public workers.

According to her complaint to the police, Sinem was called a terrorist by several women who then threw her on the tracks, nearly killing her.

However, new evidence from police has suggested that the entire story had been fabricated by the 14-year-old, Austria’s Kronen Zeitung reports.

Once again, a hate hoaxer is done in by video:

After police examined CCTV footage of the train station at the time the girl said the attack took place, they found nothing to corroborate her story. No incidents had occurred at the train station and the girl could be seen in the footage getting on a train with her friend.

The police say they do not know why the girl had lied…

If they really don’t, they need to read up on hate hoaxes. Even including terrorism, the ability to dupe the gullible into seeing them as victims is the most potent weapon Muslims have — until they achieve a majority; that’s when the charades end and the eradication of non-Muslims begins.

Sinem’s face was pixelated to protect the guilty.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

6 Responses to “Sinem, 14-Year-Old Islamic Hate Hoaxer”

  1. Jon Sobieski says:

    Muslims do not have to become a majority before they start killing the kafirs. They are doing a very good job of it when they are less than 10% of the population of the kafir nations they have invaded.

  2. daveclay says:

    She lied because… ISLAM!

  3. MAS says:

    “The police say they do not know why the girl had lied…”

    Hmm makes one wonder if LEO brass (foreign and domestic) has their heads so far up their rear ends oxygen needs to be pumped to them? Remember folks when an article says “The police” it means the brass not the line officers. Having been a line officer, I guarantee 98% of them are just as frustrated by this as you are.

  4. MAS says:

    Taqiyya and kitman indeed…

  5. Cecil Henry says:

    I know why the girl lied. It very obvious…. so why this calculated ignorance??

    We all know the motive for faking a ‘hate crime’. And it has a lot to do with hate.

  6. Marionfford says:

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