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Apr 20 2022

Sinking Disney Attacks Its Own Library

Disney has fully embraced the depraved liberal agenda, advocating the sexual corruption of children and alienating all well-informed and well-meaning parents. The predictable response is underway, as the company begins to lose customers from its streaming service:

Meanwhile, shares of Disney (DIS) have dropped nearly 15 percent so far in 2022, making Disney one of the worst performers in the Dow, according to a report by CNN Business.

The news comes after the Disney brand has taken a huge hit among American parents, with a majority of independents saying they “no longer trust” the company’s programming for their children in the wake of Disney pursing an aggressive LGBTQIA2S+ agenda.

Too stultified by political correctness to produce anything new of interest, Disney turns backward to deprecate earlier creations for failing to comply with wokeness:

The Walt Disney Co. reportedly labelled beloved animated characters including Tinker Bell and Captain Hook from the 1953 movie Peter Pan as “potentially problematic” as it was preparing to launch the Disney+ streaming service, noting the characters could necessitate a disclaimer for perpetuating negative stereotypes.

Tinkerbell’s thoughtcrime consists of being “body conscious” and jealous of the attention of Peter Pan. Captain Hook has a disability and therefore should be a saint, not a villain.

Disney also flagged Ursula the Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid, saying her dark complexion could be construed as racist and her flamboyant mannerisms could come across as “queer coded,” or homophobic.

The Disney streaming service offered an indication of what titles will soon be deep-sixed down the memory hole by placing trigger warnings on them for being offensive to progressives. Examples include Dumbo, Swiss Family Robinson, Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier, and the original Lady and the Tramp.

The emphasis is on kneeling at the altar of moonbattery, not on pleasing customers. It’s as if the creeps and kooks at Disney believe that the Democratic Party can somehow force parents to be customers.

Leftism is a vile ideology that appeals to few people outside of our degenerate ruling class. In the short term, licking the hands of our moonbat overlords may seem to pay off. In the long term, the maxim still holds: Get woke, go broke.

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