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Nov 15 2019

Six-Year-Old Prostitutes in No-Go Zone

No liberal do-gooder calls for 6-year-old prostitutes. But leave lefties in power long enough and that’s what you may get. Liberal rule has resulted in Paris suburbs that have been colonized by foreigners from the Third World. In the Islamic outpost Seine-Saint-Denis, a third of prostitutes are reportedly under 15, and some are only 6.

Via Breitbart:

The children in sex work in the controversial neighbourhood ranged from 17 to just six-years-old, with 89 per cent being prior victims of physical abuse and 40 per cent victims of prior sexual abuse, most of the abuse occurring within their own homes. 61 per cent of the mothers of the child sex abuse victims also reported domestic abuse as well.

If little girls were good enough for the Prophet…

The area studied for the report, Seine-Saint-Denis, has achieved a level of notoriety as a prime example of a so-called No Go Zone in France, or what the French government technically labels a Sensitive Urban Zone. It has become so difficult to retain staff to work in public services in the area the government now offers special cash incentives to civil servants not to move away, and the suburb has become synonymous with Islamisation, and often the most radical expressions of the Muslim faith.

It isn’t just France.

Child prostitution is also a major problem in the Netherlands where it was revealed last year that some 1,400 underage girls were forced into sexual slavery per year by migrant-background men.

Then there is Britain, where Pakistanis groom underage British girls for sex. But let’s not talk about that, or the authorities might come after us, like they have with Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins.

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