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Feb 26 2020

SJWs Punish Yorkshire Tea for Letting Rishi Sunak Drink It

No wonder corporations like Nike and Procter & Gamble go to such belligerent lengths to antagonize potential customers who are not moonbats. If it becomes public knowledge that someone associated with right-of-center politics uses a product, this can result in a boycott by the Armies of Tolerance.

Via American Thinker:

Rishi Sunak, the conservative chancellor of the Exchequer in Boris Johnson’s government, decided it would be good to tweet out that he was making a big pot of Yorkshire Tea. Presumably, with Brexit going into effect, he did so to highlight homegrown British industries.

What a xenophobe. The SJW swarm responded with an attack on Yorkshire Tea, which never asked Sunak to endorse their product:

Ignoring moonbattery does not make it go away. Yorkshire Tea might prefer to stay neutral and focus on selling tea rather than politics. But you must hate the Left’s enemies, or the Left will hate you.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

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