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Nov 13 2016

So Much for Repealing Obamacare

It turns out that counting on a national socialist to roll back creeping socialism may not have been such a great idea after all. Trump is already reneging on his frequently repeated promise to repeal Obamacare:

Trump said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal on Friday that he would like to keep some parts of the law intact and may seek to amend the statute rather than repeal it. Trump said he came to the conclusion after Obama, during Trump’s Oval Office visit Thursday, suggested areas of the law that should be preserved.

Trump suggested provisions that prevent insurers from refusing coverage for preexisting conditions and which allow children to stay on their parents’ health plans until age 26 should stay. “I like those very much,” he said.

Eventually Big Government will get around to poking its nose into homeowner insurance. Authoritarians will prevent insurers from refusing coverage for preexisting conditions, such as your house already having burned down. So no one will buy insurance until after their house burns down. For insurers not to go out of business, the insurance will have to cost as much as a new house. So the government will subsidize it. End result: there will be no such thing as homeowner insurance, but no one will need it, because the government will buy everyone a new house at everyone else’s expense.

But don’t worry, Obamacare isn’t going to bankrupt the country. Trump’s Obama-scale, trillion-dollar, jobs-destroying infrastructure spending will take care of that.

Other promises that Trump may already be abandoning include the Wall, keeping Muslims out of the country, prosecuting Shrillary, deporting illegal aliens, waterboarding terror suspects, leaving entitlements alone, imposing a 45% tariff on Chinese goods, voiding the Iran nuclear deal, and moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. In some of these cases, breaking his promises will be a good thing.

How will he actually govern? No one including Trump himself knows, but I’m still guessing that by the time he is sworn in, he will have reverted to the left-liberal views he held until a year ago. That will be fine with the GOP, which won’t say no to a spending spree that will make the Bush and Obama years look frugal.

The national debt is now approaching $20 trillion, not counting unfunded liabilities, which are over $104 trillion.


On tips from Varla, Torcer, and TrojanMan.

84 Responses to “So Much for Repealing Obamacare”

  1. marcus tullius cicero says:

    …as always the sad and hateful left is doing their best to change the conversation…

  2. TrojanMan says:

    I will withhold ultimate judgement until he starts implementing or not rolling back leftist ideals. I will certainly give him credit when due and call him out when due. That being said it would appear we will be calling him out more than praising.

    We know his cheerleaders certainly won’t fault him no matter how far left he goes.

  3. Vic Kelley says:

    I haven’t found any relief not even since Tuesday night. We didn’t dodge a bullet, we just moved a little and got hit anyway. It was very disappointing for Trump to reach out to his enemies like those rioters. He’s a fool if he thinks he can make them like him. And that sitdown with obama, why? What a weak looking thing to do. I would’ve refused Hillary’s (or Huma’s) phone call Tuesday night and taken a hard line ever since.

  4. Eddie_Valiant says:

    Won’t repeal Obamacare?

    My shocked face

  5. marcus tullius cicero says:

    …you and all the neverTrump people don’t get it!
    If President Trump undoes half of the damage that the Obama administration has done to this Country the last 8 years, it will be great, because…MAGA!

  6. Artfuldgr says:

    Your wrong if you think people pissed off enough to vir the way they did would give him a pass…. Very wrong…. They did it because they have hated the way they have been forced by insiders who are supposed to represent them wrong or right and ruled instead

    Woe betide the fools who think he was hired because they like him, he was hire to do a job, like they all are supposed to be, and like they enforce on bakeries equal application of that service.

    He did not trick people into thinking they like him, he gets likes because they think he is the contractor that will help restore things done – he will get huge blowback if he forgets who put him where!!!!!

  7. saturn says:

    Trump has given a list for his first 100 days. There is no reason to doubt that he will stick to it. Some unforeseen circumstances may prevent him from doing it all but lets worry about that if and when that happens. Trump does not want to be a one-term president so he is likely to do what he promised if at all possible.

  8. 762x51 says:

    Well, let’s see. He is ostensibly a “Republican” President. As of Jan 20, 2017 the Republican party controls the white House and both houses of Congress. Exactly what type of unforeseen circumstances would prevent him from “doing it all”? either he will fulfill the promises he made or he will not. A divided Congress may have been a reasonable excuse but as of now there is none.

  9. 762x51 says:

    You and the Trumpanzess don’t get it. If the Progressives, of which tRump is one, only get half of what they ask for or keep half of what have already attained, they will take it and ask for the rest later. Your boy has the opportunity to undo ALL that they have done to America since 1988 since he will have both houses of Congress. There is no excuse for him not to do it except that he is on their side.

  10. 762x51 says:

    The idolatrous Trumpanzee are going to have a busy time making enough excuses to cover up the mistake they have made. Should be quite funny to watch.

  11. marcus tullius cicero says:

    …how come you are not in the bus to Tijuana with the rest of the Libtards?

  12. William Wilson says:

    LOL, you suckers just don’t know when you’ve been spanked, and have no idea how smart Trump is playing this.

    O.C. will be repealed, the border will be secured and you Never Trumpers will be relegated to the trash heap of history.

    Keep telling yourselves you are the “True Conservatives” who “stood on principles”. Meanwhile, the Trump Train will be leaving the station without you. My suggestion, join the butt-hurt cupcakes that are rioting in the streets because their criminal mistress didn’t get anointed.

    You’ve got more in common than you know!

    MAGA, baby!

  13. TrojanMan says:

    A permanent division has been ripped, for the best, in not just the Republican party but on all sides. They do not want to mend fences and that is ok with me. The problem is without a unified front, in four years the democrats might actually put up some sort of moderate that will obliterate Trumpie. Trump didn’t win…Hitlery lost. Trump didn’t win because they loved Trump he won because they hated Hitlery just a tad more in swing states. He will need to deliver on all of his promises if he hopes to be reelected which currently seems extraordinarily unlikely.

    Unfortunately the electorate has become sufficiently leftist that Bernie probably would have won. 4 years will not change that.

  14. 762x51 says:

    Couple of reasons.
    1. I’m not a libtard, contrary to the limited thinking of lockstep Progressive lovers such as yourself.

    2. Libtards are cowards who are afraid to fight, I m not.

    3. This country is about to become a target rich environment filled with marxists and muzzrats engaged in a no RoE conflict. I wouldn’t miss it for all the tea in “jihina”. It;s gonna be YUUUUUGEE, LMFAO!!

  15. 762x51 says:

    True, had the D flavored Progressives run ANY other candidate, tRump would have lost big. Even old Comrade Bernie Sanders would have destroyed him.

    We shall see if he delivers on those promises, no one will be more shocked than me if he does. Since he will have a Republican controlled Congress, at least for two years, there will be no excuses.

    There is absolutely no reason why he can’t undo the entire Obama reign of terror between Jan 21st and May 1st 2017. None whatsoever.

    The Trumpanzees prefer to attack you and I and Torcer and Blount though rather than hold their idols feet to the fire. A clear demonstration of their hatred of conservatives and their Progressive ideology. I anticipate many more attacks and even more excuses for his failures than I do celebration of his reversing of Obama and the Progressive W wrongdoings.

    Proving me wrong would be very much to my liking as it would save America, but their verbal feces will not do that. I live in a very harsh world, we go strictly by actions, not words, tRump has the power, now will his ACTIONS be Conservative as their words claim or Progressive as his historical ACTIONS demonstrate?

  16. 762x51 says:

    More like groupies. They are merely R version Obama zombies who will refuse to acknowledge any betrayal by their cult leader. Remember the derivation of the phrase “drinking the Kool-aide”. They will be out there “making America Jonestown again”.

  17. marcus tullius cicero says:

    …not buying it!

  18. 762x51 says:

    Don’t care.

  19. TrojanMan says:

    Manson family groupies.

  20. KirklesWorth says:

    The only ones “idolatrous” are the Ted Cruz worshippers. And the excuses they made for his loss are what’s funny to watch. But then again, I am talking to a moron who still thinks a “progressive”-killing civil war is on its way.

  21. KirklesWorth says:

    What a backpedal! Classic! You didn’t have a drop of this optimism before the election. Why don’t you just silently watch what happens instead of shooting off your always-wrong mouth? The projection of “hate” is laughable on it’s face after the demonstrated “tRump” and “Trumpanzees” slurs in your own post. You are so frequently self-contradicting and wrong that its a wonder you haven’t received a Darwin award.

  22. KirklesWorth says:

    “Trump didn’t win…Hitlery lost.” – a distinction without a difference. Trump won, Hillary lost, you lost. Voting against someone means you are voting for somebody better. Ridiculous.

  23. TrojanMan says:

    Donald Trump Wants To Live Only Part-Time In White House: Report

    Story Highlights
    Donald Trump plans to split his time between Washington and New York.
    Trump’s advisers say he might spend most of the week in the White House.
    The President-elect is still in shock about his surprise win.

  24. 762x51 says:

    I still have no optimism, jeroffsworth, have someone read it to you again. I HIGHLY DOUBT your boy will do the right thing, it all depends on whether someone close to him can play on his narcissism to get him to do what you supposedly elected him to do.

    You are both Progressive scum so the odds that that HE will do the right thing is very small. IF, and it is a very long shot, he should do the right thing and follow through on the promises he has already started to back pedal on, THEN I will be convinced, but it is more likely that the Queen of England will grant me title and land before tRump turns into a conservative.

    Of course the focus of your rant was to silence me, a goal you and your fag buddy friends have in common, Fibtard has already expressed it in one of your earlier love fests, against anyone who disagrees with your diseased cult worship. Your fascism is your only focus and you can never impose it on me, sissy. You are simply too weak to do it, being a little bitch and all.

    I hope everyone who reads this will go back and recognize the language of left you use so comfortably like crying about “hate and “slurs” and demanding we all comply with your ideology, “or else”. You are a Progressive, period, that you have proven with nearly every post. You and the rest of your butt buddies are nothing more than targets awaiting engagement, in the coming civil war, to me little man. So run along and tell teacher on me quick, oh and your boy bachabaziMale has the FBI on speed dial, I know how much you swine salivate over getting to “report” someone.

    Now, GFY.

  25. 762x51 says:


    Staring jerkleswinkle as Patricia Krenwinkle
    Fibtard as Susan Atkins and
    bachabaziMale as Leslie VanHouten!


  26. KirklesWorth says:

    I already addressed this in another post, but I’m happy to share it again. Your continued display of stupidity including calling people “progressive” when they are not is laughably pitiful.

    KirklesWorth: I assume you aren’t going to claim that “GFY” means “good for you” like TrojanMan does. You are so amazingly dense that you think that the stupid things you say mean squat or are in the least bit funny. It was just as idiotic and unfunny (except to you) all these previous times you substituted “go f__k yourself” for any cogent argument: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44

    But then again, you only have the brains to fire enough synapses to come up with gems like this:

    762×51: I’m sorry, all I heard was blah, blah, blah,blah, blah, blah,blah, blah, blah,blah, blah, blah,blah, blah, blah,blah, blah, blah,blah, blah, blah,blah, blah, blah,blah, blah, blah,blah, blah, blah,blah, blah, blah,blah, blah, blah.

    Plus, I added:

    KirklesWorth: Sorry idiot, the hate is all yours. How you can come up with these ridiculous things so easily disproven in a single sentence is amazing!

    Spare me you macho-speak. You are a little worm with delusions of grandeur and without honor, integrity, or intelligence. Your latent-homosexual fantasies are disturbing enough without adding your literary erections to parade around like a threatened monkey.

  27. KirklesWorth says:

    Coming from a ignoramus, I consider that a compliment. Why aren’t you protesting for the election to be overturned like your leftist buddies so you can start your “progressive”-killing civil war? You must be a coward.

  28. 762x51 says:

    ” Voting against someone means you are voting for somebody better.” ROTFLMAO, does that mean the 12,000,000 Democrats who voted for tRump in the GOP primaries were voting for something better or were they voting to manipulate the system? I love watching you try and make political calculations with that tiny mind, it is always hilarious. Hey, do some formal logic for us, that is always a laugh.

    That you lack the intelligence to comprehend the difference is not surprising and I’ll not waste my time trying to explain it to you now. Run get your crayons and maybe we can try later.

    Hey jerkles, it’s Sunday, I hope the cat lady next door remembers to come in and water you today.

  29. KirklesWorth says:

    You are so stupid that you answered your own question. Yes, the democrats wanted Trump because they thought he’d be an easier target than the others to take down. He was the better (republican) candidate for them at that time. Moron.

    You call those “insults”? Everything you spew is pathetic.

  30. 762x51 says:

    Your love for Progressives is a constant theme in your posts, it exposes you for who you really are. A despicable, lying scumbag who hates America and places his own fascistic desires above the cause of liberty.

    See you on the battlefield, sonny.

  31. KirklesWorth says:

    That’s because maybe you will learn what a progressive is (highly doubtful). It is somebody like you who uses progressive tactics (like Alinsky’s) for a progressive outcome (defeating Trump) for the progressives (electing Hillary). You just demonstrated your complete ignorance by calling me “a despicable, lying scumbag who hates America and places his own fascistic desires above the cause of liberty” – prove any of it liar. You are every part of what you just called me – hypocritical and complete projection.

    You won’t see squat anywhere, moron.

  32. 762x51 says:

    LMAO, let me draw you a picture imbecile. There is WAAAAAYYY more to how people vote than your idiotic, simplistic, child like view of it. Your black and white view is so unsophisticated as to be comical, but at least you are smug about it.

    I’m not allowed to insult you anymore, remember? You tattled to teacher and got a rule put in place to stop it, like a good little Progressive. Your brand of political correctness sucks every bit as much as the the other Progressives brand of political correctness. I can’t wait to be rid of you both.

  33. 762x51 says:

    No I meant GFY, but thanks for demonstrating your extensive record keeping on the people at MB, after all, you are here:

    KirklesWorth Torcer • 17 hours ago
    Yeah…you keep asking that…the answer is: to keep an eye on things. Why are you here and do you have a problem with me being here? Kirklesworth 8/18/2016

    which is why we call you SS-Rottenführer jerkleTwerp.

  34. KirklesWorth says:

    Poor baby whining like a progressive. Keep baiting me masochist.

    Hey stupid, Trump won – “voting against Hillary” not withstanding. If you are to ignorant to understand that people thought Trump was better than Hillary then maybe you should go back and finish your middle school education.

    Wrong again pea brain – you aren’t allowed to threaten my life any more. Whether you use naughty words to do it is between you and Dave Blount.

  35. 762x51 says:

    LMAO, read what you wrote imbecile.

    I should be out protedsting with Progressives so I can start a Progressive killing civil war> ROTFLMAO.

    You will say ANYTHING to justify your diseased ideology. Furthermore, ALL of you tRump swine LOVE to claim I am the coward when I am the one ready, willing and able to back up my words with action out in the real world. Calling me a coward does not negate the cowardly actions of you scum. All you have is anonymous deceit. You can’t back up any of it, now THAT is pathetic.

  36. KirklesWorth says:

    And once again, you do exactly what you criticize me for. How stupid can you get! Alinsky would be proud!

    You are such a liar that I have to go back to Disqus frequently to use your own words against you. Got a problem with what you’ve said before? Although the things that are deleted are often the best:

    762×51: I have a bullet with your name on it, any time you think you have what it takes to impose your fascist dreams, elitist f__ktard. Go f__k yourself. This comment has been deleted.

  37. 762x51 says:

    LMAO, again with the “threat” BS. Your saying it does not make true douchebag.

    Baiting you? How can I bait a coward who is to weak to back up any of the mongoloid BS he spews? You are just a weasel I play around with. Anyone with balls would have come out to play by now, I have never met a bigger coward than you, except for maybe your butt boy Fibtard.

  38. KirklesWorth says:

    You complete and utter liar! Let’s start with how you wanted Trump defeated for Hillary to win to get your civil war to kill “prograssives”. What are you laughing at – your own stupidity?

    762×51: Fascists, Progressive, hajji, it makes no difference, are for killing, there is no other use for you.

    762×51: I didn’t start this, the Progressives did and with them there is no room for reason. Hillary = Progressive. tRump = Progressive. Election of either one = civil war. Get used to it, you are making it happen.

    And you are a coward, but fortunately nobody is stupid enough to get cowardly ambushed by you.

  39. 762x51 says:

    No douchebag, I have no problem with my words. You are just the slimiest vermin that has slithered out of the Disqus sewer so far, it still amazes me how many vermin occupy that toilet.

    What’s the matter douche, have a problem with your own tactics being used against you? Thanks for admitting you are an Alinsyite though.

  40. KirklesWorth says:

    Poor progressive bedwetter – need a “safe room”? Am I forcing “microagressions” on you? Vermin, occupy thyself.

    So, you admit to being a hypocrite. Thanks for that. No, feel free to “use my words against me”. If that’s the best you’ve got (because I don’t shoot my mouth off like an idiot), it’s completely pathetic.

  41. 762x51 says:

    I won’t see you because you will still be hiding behind your moms keyboard masturbating furiously while spewing your impotent BS.

    How hilarious you think that promoting ans supporting a Progressive like tRump makes you a Conservative. I have never actually witnessed delusion as a profession, it is revolting. ” “a despicable, lying scumbag who hates America and places his own fascistic desires above the cause of liberty” – prove any of it liar.” You prove it with every post, turd eater.

  42. Mr. Freemarket says:

    So where do you stand on Trump’s backsliding with regards to repealing ObamaCare?

  43. 762x51 says:

    LMAO, no chicken squat, I don’t need a safe room, unlike yourself. Claiming I need a safe room while hiding behind your keyboard is the ultimate in pathetic fantasy. You shoot your sissy mouth off every day, wiener lover, that you aren’t man enough to back it up does not absolve you of it.

    All I want is for you to say the same crap to my face. That’s all I’m asking for. Do that and at least you won’t be a coward. Come on punk, say it to my face and see what happens to you.

  44. KirklesWorth says:

    Poor baby can’t lure victims out to be ambushed to play “military”. The honor-less and integrity-less progressive useful idiot (PUI) wants to murder conservatives so that the left will have more votes next time.

    You couldn’t prove squat if it was handed to you on a confession. You are every part-and-parcel a PUI instigator, a republican party deserter, and an ignoramus.

  45. 762x51 says:

    Oh do ” Let’s start with how you want the election overturned, Hillary instated”.


    Your lies are all you have, that and your cowardice. Say it to my face, sissy.

  46. KirklesWorth says:

    Funny…I’m not whining you are. Boo-hoo this and boo-hoo that. You did it again saying “hiding behind your keyboard”. You are a pathetic, whining, mental midget with delusions of grandeur. The only reason I held back before the election is because I had the good sense to be careful – you of course can’t control yourself whatsoever. You are wrong about everything as you demonstrate with every sentence.

    There is no “to your face” happening dimwit – you are a loose cannon with no morals and no integrity. All you’ve got is your BS machismo – and everybody here laughs at it.

  47. 762x51 says:

    Nope, no threats there. For like the ten thousandth time, due to your shallow learning curve, a offer of single, mutual combat is NOT a threat. A liar like you though has no interest in facts or truth, only in promoting your fascist agenda.

  48. KirklesWorth says:

    Oh I’m sorry – I was interpreting your anti-Trump BS and your lack of killing “progressives” like you promised as a sign that you hadn’t conceded that Trump was elected and is the republican president. So you’ve conceded?

    I had already edited that part of my comment out since I knew you’d focus on that speculation instead of the cold hard facts of being a Hillary-enabling so-called “progressive”-killing civil war wanting, but stuff happens.

    But thanks anyway for admitting that everything else is correct. You wanted a Hillary victory to start your “progressive”-killing civil war. Sorry I jumped the gun at stating that you wanted the election overturned before you actually said it.

  49. KirklesWorth says:

    Yeah – posts get deleted just for “kicks”. Too stupid to even defend yourself. Did they all get deleted because of profanity? Why no, they didn’t! Are you too stupid to figure out why they did?

  50. 762x51 says:

    Poor baby, can’t back up in real life what he is soooo brave about saying online. LMAO. Mutual combat is not murder, you idiot, and you are no conservative. Oh wait, I forgot, you mental masturbation Trumpanzee vermin have convinced yourselves that backing a Progressive candidate makes you a conservative. LMAO, you are real conservatives, that is hilarious.

    As a tool of the media, you are the useful idiot, or in your case the useful imbecile. The media wanted tRump just like they wanted McCain and Romney so that no matter which side of your beloved uni-party won, they would have a Progressive in the White House. You fell for it, hook, line and sinker, AGAIN, but at least you are smug about it.

  51. KirklesWorth says:

    Too stupid to know that nobody believes anything it says – oh well. Take your “mortal combat” (which would actually be an ambush murder), and impress your progressive buddies on how much you “scare conservatives”.

    You are a tool of the media. You agreed with what the left said. You are the one who tried to get their agenda enacted. You were the one who attacked Trump. You are the one who attacked Trump supporters. You are a progressive useful idiot from top to bottom. The progressives are out of their mind with anger just like you – they are not happy about a Trump presidency at all you moron.

    You can’t assess anything worth a damn – and you are the one smug about it. I am the one that said Trump should win, and I was right – you were wrong per usual. Your “progressive”-killing civil war didn’t happen contrary to what you said – you were wrong per usual. You don’t know what a progressive is – you are always wrong about that per usual.

  52. 762x51 says:

    I know why, because sniveling scum like you and your butt boys whined about them so that you could implement your version of fascist political correctness.

    That A-hole, wiener lover buddy bachabaziMale pulled the same crap, all you Progressive vermin do. I said, “Clean up America, kill a XXX” and he got all butt hurt over it claiming “it is illegal”. BULLCRAP! You fags have no clue what you are talking about and are so inured of the syustem that you don’t even recognize the Progressive BS you spew, what a cartoon you all are.

  53. 762x51 says:

    GEEEZ, you are an idiot. How MANY effing many times have I told you that it made no difference which “side” of your uni-party won, that civil war was inevitable?

    Go back and look that up retard.

    Your wife mentioned you had a little problem with “jumping the gun”, so I’m not surprised.

  54. KirklesWorth says:

    So now you are accusing Dave Blount of “fascist political correctness”? That’s weak. You are too stupid to know what a progressive is, what a death threat is, what doesn’t constitute free speech, how to reason intelligibly, etc.. Torcer is brilliant compared to you. TrojanMan is clever compared to you. Both of them blocked me because I challenged them and they couldn’t take it. You don’t block me, but the only challenge with you is typing fast enough to keep up with your stupidity.

  55. KirklesWorth says:

    Oooh…the scary “uni-party”! How terrible! I guess the Clinton Crime Syndicate would be better according to you. Go get your check from George Soros.

  56. 762x51 says:

    He fell for it, there is no denying that, otherwise I would be lighting you right now.

    Just because you don’t like being identified as a Progressive does not mean you aren’t one. Just because you are too stupid to know what constitutes a death thereat doesn’t mean I have made one. Just because you want to eliminate free speech as it pertains to your cult does not mean you can force me to stop speaking against you. Just because you think that smug arrogance and copy and paste constitutes reason or intelligence doesn’t mean you have any intelligence.

    I believe that Torcer and TrojanMan blocked you because you are a sniveling, Progressive turd eater who cannot carry on an intelligent conversation because of your fascistic ideology and bot like responses. I, on the other hand, am not interested in conversation with the likes of you, only battle. How unfortunate your cowardice prevents that from happening . . . for now.

  57. 762x51 says:

    Give it time, sonny. The rumblings of civil war have already begun. I never said a word about timing, who knows WHEN it will start. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next year, I have no way of knowing when or even what the trigger event will be, civil unrest, which has already started, economic collapse which is also inevitable now, muzzrat terror attack, who knows.

    I don’t “scare conservatives” because conservatives aren’t sniveling cowards like you. We are the warfighters, it is whiny little Progressive snowflakes like you who get sacred, LMAO.

    tRump toady does not equal Conservative you blithering idiot.

  58. 762x51 says:

    LMAO, Alex Jones must be on or are you masturbating to his podcasts again?

  59. FrozenPatriot says:

    ROFLMAO Trump picks Reince Priebus for chief of staff… LOL…

    This is how I know government will not shrink and the constitution will not be retrieved from the dumpster behind the white house… Reince Priebus? Are you fricking kidding?? We might as well have voted for ¡Jeb!…

  60. TrojanMan says:

    Drain the swamp and fill it will radioactive waste.

  61. Artfuldgr says:

    i am still waiting till he is in a position to actually do something, and given he needs the left to listen, right now they are in a mood to hear his compromises which he hasnt really given any. if he says i repeal it, they wont listen at all. but if he says he will compromise, they now want to hear what he has to say on it later. so we really dont know how he is playing this, as it can also be something called pacing. a way to reel people in. but how do we know? we dont. we wont. not till after it goes to some point and there is something to actually measure.

    but it hasn’t been a week, he has yet to be sworn in, and there is a couple of months before the first 100 days starts.

    so its kind of ridiculous to call things. and more ridiculous to get bent or angry at it.

    he would not be the first president to make a big promise, like we wont go into wwi, to turn around on it (Woodrow Wilson). however, he is to my knowledge the first one that seemed to be elected for a specific task type reason rather than a general attitude. but i would be hard put to try to figure out from a historical record any of that kind of thing.

    the presidency is not a king ship and even obama who pushed the limits in a lot of areas could not push it so far as to knock it over. and even as a party is scared of another party having control of all point, so far they have never been so wreckless and short sighted to try to apply that power willy nilly in ways that are theoretically possible.

  62. TrojanMan says:

    “I believe that Torcer and TrojanMan blocked you because you are a sniveling, Progressive turd eater who cannot carry on an intelligent conversation because of your fascistic ideology and bot like responses.”

    Pretty much. All arguments had been laid out. Nothing more could be had carrying on a coversation with insufferable Trump trolls. It’s literally not worth my time to read. One thing they will never know for sure is did i block them or just refuse to acknowledge their stupidity. Like fibster said “I am certifiably too stupid to talk to”. Therefore any responses from the trolls would expose their own stupidity.

  63. TrojanMan says:

    Proof of which is a good deal of leftist violently protesting a valid constitutional election that did not go their way. Trump can’t fix that even if he wanted to. More civil unrest will occur until a catalyst pushes it over the edge.

  64. KirklesWorth says:

    Yeah, no objections from you again so I’m right that you wanted a Hillary victory to start your “progressive”-killing civil war. What would your Hillary victory have done for your “uni-party” and how would things have been different? Nevermind, you are too dumb to see obvious differences. Is your messiah Ted Cruz part of your dreaded “uni-party”? Of course he is since he endorsed Trump. You are a loser and wrong on everything you proclaimed. You’re not even smart enough to walk it back like Torcer and Ted Cruz are.

    No need to look up any of your stupidity – it speaks for itself. There is no civil war Einstien – the only discussion about it is the republican party deserters like you (but you are more of a progressive anyway so I shouldn’t be giving you too much credit) – are we supposed to wait until the next election in the hopes you will be right?

    And at least I have a wife contrary your latent (or maybe not latent) homosexual fantasies. You and TrojanMan both seem to be pretty close in your anti-Trump hatred – why don’t you flirt with him instead of the real conservatives you’ll never get?

  65. KirklesWorth says:

    Oh, so now admiring the progressives? And I suppose you and 762×51 want to join them against Trump? Nothing like hoping the republican president-elect will face progressive “civil unrest” – what kind of “conservatives” are you? The answer is you aren’t conservatives – you are ultra-rightwing ideologue losers that have wrapped all the way around the political spectrum to join forces with progressives. Pathetic.

  66. KirklesWorth says:

    More homosexual fantasies? Keep it in your pants creep. Once again, you demonstrate you make observations like crap, insult like crap, make conclusions like crap, and general spew crap. Go back to your RedState talking points extracted from, and identical to, Salon, Slate, Mother Jones, etc. and delivered dutifully by TrojanMan.

  67. KirklesWorth says:

    But waiting isn’t part of the anti-Trumpers agenda. Before the election, it was hyperventilations about “the polls” and “his lack of campaigning” and “his lack of fundraising” etc.. Now it’s all the things Trump is “backsliding” on – as if his “backsliding” would be even close to where Hillary would have started from. They are desperate to get their jabs in before Trump takes office and starts making positive changes that they won’t want to acknowledge.

  68. KirklesWorth says:

    Ooh…”lighting me right now”…how impressive! Yeah, it takes a literary genius to say “go f__k yourself” all these times: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44

  69. KirklesWorth says:

    Oh yes – I will be sitting around with bated breath (nobody should be holding their breath on your predictions) waiting for the impending civil war.

    So when you made the statement below, you meant that the “election of either one = civil war” could happen anywhere in the next few centuries as opposed actually right after the election? Wow, looking back, this warning is not so scary after all. Good thing I ignored it for the stupidity it was:

    762×51: I didn’t start this, the Progressives did and with them there is no room for reason. Hillary = Progressive. tRump = Progressive. Election of either one = civil war. Get used to it, you are making it happen.

    You actually don’t scare anybody, you are the progressive, and you don’t know squat. You claim you are the “warfighters”? You are the deserters and the “sniveling cowards” who don’t have enough integrity to honor your own party’s elected president even after he won despite your progressive tactics to defeat him. You are the backstabbers who would have given us Hillary to facilitate your selfish “progressive”-killing civil war (or other agenda). You are the morons who had to be saved from yourselves and from Hillary stomping out the rights you failed to conserve.

  70. KirklesWorth says:

    Huh…a republican president picking a republican who is the Chairman of the Republican National Committee – how odd is that? Uh oh…Priebus has a close friendship with Ryan…scary! And Priebus has a good working relationship with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell…scandalous!

    Let me guess…the person we should put in every position is: Ted Cruz, Ted Cruz, Ted Cruz…repeat ad infinitum.

  71. 762x51 says:

    Nobody is a “real conservative” unless they follow the cult, right jerkles? Everyone needs to pass their party loyalty test administered by Party Indoctrination Specialist SS-Rottenführer JerkleTwerp. LMAO!!

    So once you have “cleansed” MB of all disloyal anti-trumps, will you be moving on to other websites to ensure their fealty to your golden calf or will you be remaining as the official MB NS Führungsoffizier?

    There are the beginnings of civil war, idiot, they are all around you but you lack the intelligence to recognize them. Not my problem, it just ensures you will be a casualty in that conflict and that is good enough since you are too cowardly face me so I can do it myself.

    “Not smart enough to walk it back”? You mean the fact that I cannot be made to surrender? No jerkles, I have no intentions of “walking it back” and you can’t make me. Trust me little man, waaaaaaayyy better men than you have tried and they couldn’t get it done. Unlike you, and Blount for that matter, I actually HAVE been waterboarded, it failed to make me give them what they wanted. What would you do, hit me with your purse?

    See you on the battlefield, maggot.

  72. Luna Mora says:

    Chris Christie was 86 because he wanted to fill up with the likes of Bush , Cruz , Romney and members of the chamber of commerce .
    President Trump wants to work with others that are loyal as he is to others .
    Reince Priebus is a perfect choice .
    We are so elated that our country has a chance to be great again as it once was .

  73. KirklesWorth says:

    Why the infantile retort to a so-called “infantile retort”? Are you implying that we should all be panicking Trump picked Reince Priebus? Am I not allowed to mock FrozenPatriot for mocking Trump picking Reince Priebus? Jocularity not permitted?

  74. FrozenPatriot says:

    Hey look, the troll is back. How nice…

  75. KirklesWorth says:

    I was thinking the same thing about you – except I had the civility and good sense to hold my tongue. But not you! You have to come out aggressively since you lost and you think you can shame me in an attempt to somehow stop me from posting your previous lack of analytical skills. Well, that’s the chance you take when you poke the bear. So here’s your “troll” providing you a recap of how you wanted Hillary to win and Americans to suffer for it:

    FrozenPatriot: And her running roughshod is exactly what wakes people up. Understand yet? Worse is better…

    FrozenPatriot: Let it come. The more people suffer under the oppression of the state, the more they’ll wake up. The more people are awake, the less the need for violence to restore liberty.

    FrozenPatriot: This November is a foregone conclusion: a progressive from the big-government uniparty will be president.

    And let’s not forget the “brilliant insights” you had about me:

    FrozenPatriot: I ask questions to illuminate you as a progressive-supporting surrender-monkey, and it’s working nicely.

    FrozenPatriot: You continue to lie about conservatives’ desires. It’s no wonder you’re not one.

  76. FrozenPatriot says:

    Ever the fool, you. Ascribing incorrect desires, removing context, and asserting coherence in your thoughts.

    Now it’s back to sleep with the republitards. Their strongman is grasping the ever-increasing and increasingly unconstitutional levers of power. Congrats on contributing to the end of the Republic.

  77. KirklesWorth says:

    Thanks for confirming my statements – you obviously can’t ascribe any other reasons for coming out with insults and lacking any rebuttal to my comment. i understand that your ego has been smashed for being such a demonstrable loser in the election, in your analysis, and in your hopes – but I wasn’t going to bring all that up until you decided that you couldn’t be civil.

    And you should be thanking the patriotic and heroic Trump supporters from saving you from Hillary and your own stupid “tactics” of throwing the election in the hopes that the American people would react the way you wanted instead of the obvious way that happened when Obama was elected twice. But then, insight and humility were never your strong suits.

  78. KirklesWorth says:

    Sorry I missed this gem until now.

    “Nobody is a “real conservative” unless they follow the cult, right jerkles?” As you once demanded of me, PROVE WHERE I SAID THAT YOU LYING PUDDLE OF DOG VOMIT!

    As I’ve said before, you don’t have the honor, integrity, and intelligence to be in the military. They have standards you aren’t capable of achieving. They are respectful and deserving of respect – you are not. Any branch of the military catching wind of the things you’ve said and they would boot you out in a second – but you already knew that.

    In case I haven’t made this perfectly clear (which I have), nobody here takes orders, demands, requests, invites, etc. from you contrary to your violent fascist fantasies. Furthermore, nobody has any intention of getting within your firing range of your lying, loser, unintelligent, dishonorable, wannabe “progressive”-killing, Hillary-helping, wannabe “civil war” fighting, republican party defecting, progressive-helping, republican candidate hating, latent-homosexual, sadomasochistic, integrity-lacking, wife-insulting, so-called “conservative” face.

  79. KirklesWorth says:

    That’s “winning president elect insufferable Trump trolls” to you, you losing so-called “conservative” Hillary-enabling troll. What you refuse is to debate after you’ve been schooled so many times and embarrassed with your own statements like this:

    TrojanMan: Everyone on this site who is in Trumps colon is a troll yes.

    TrojanMan:“live on your knees?” He (KirklesWorth) lives on his knees now sucking the orange cock.

    TrojanMan: You claim to want to debate but you are really just a condescending bunghole troll. Its my fault for feeding your trolling. I will refrain from doing so.

    TrojanMan: People who start wars cannot hold a moral high ground. You shot first… therefore GFY. I tried to have a respectful debate with you but you decided to attack…. so therefore GFY. You want to be an asshat i will treat you as such….. therefore GFY So in closing….. GFY (Ridiculously lies later that GFY means “good for you”)

    TrojanMan: Don’t be such a disingenuous douchebag. I tried having civil conversations with you previously in other posts. You went full retard, never go full retard. Selectivly edit what you like the response will be the same……GFY Good For You!

    TrojanMan: That’s too late. She was elected the moment Trump won the nomination which is why I have always told you that it does not matter who you vote for.

    TrojanMan: How far left does the republican party have to go before you abandon it? Unless, you are a leftist. Which would make sense.

    TrojanMan: The only possibility to save the republic as it stands IMHO is a convention of states. Otherwise either a bloody revolution or secession is necessary. Therefore it does not matter whom you vote for.

    TrojanMan: “the GoP is doomed in 2020.” The GOP was doomed when it nominated McLame in 2008. The GOP went hard left and it will never win a presidential election again.

    Such a “paragon of virtue”. Somebody should get back to you that negatively commenting about some of us may result in an unflattering response.

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