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Jun 13 2024

Soft and Hard Islamization in UK and USA

Germany isn’t the only country facing Islamization. It comes in two forms: soft and hard.

The repugnant softness of political correctness requires the native population of the UK to abandon its own culture for not being Muslim culture:

[L]aw firms have been urged to stop hosting work socials at the pub over fears they exclude Muslim staff.

A report by Rare, a UK graduate recruitment company specialising in diversity, said the legal profession’s “big drinking culture” is unfair to those who abstain from alcohol.

It suggested that law firms introduce more cooking, painting or pottery classes to boost team bonding, rather than hosting events centred on booze.

Muslims could always order nonalcoholic drinks. But that would deny them an opportunity to crybully and worse yet deny moonbats an opportunity to pander to them with the usual whimpering obsequiousness.

More ominously, in the USA:

Masked anti-Israel protesters took over a New York City subway car on Monday and demanded to know if there were any “Zionists” on the train — then warned them: ‘This is your chance to get out.”

The sickening moment came after protesters rallied in Union Square Park in Manhattan and held up a banner that read “Long live October 7.”

The next October 7 is likely to take place stateside.

[T]he mob of protesters lit flares and waved flags associated with Hezbollah and Hamas in front of the Nova Music Festival Exhibition on Wall Street during an organized “citywide day of rage for Gaza.”

Wall Street is a stone’s throw from where another Islamic terrorist group flew two planes full of Americans into the World Trade Center not so very long ago.

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