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Dec 12 2019

Soft Tyranny: Berkeley’s Right to Rescue

In past generations, tyranny was cold and hard. Now it is warm and soft. You don’t hate puppies, do you? Then you will have no objection to the “Right to Rescue” resolution [PDF] that has now been passed by the Berkeley City Council.

Protect the Harvest tried to warn us:

The title “Support for Non-Violent Activists and Protections of Animals in Commercial Operations” from the “Peace and Justice Commission” is a resolution to allow non-violent activists to go on PRIVATE property and “Rescue” any animal these activists feel is in danger. At the heart of it is the Animal Rights Extremist group, Direct Action Everywhere or DxE. Read more about DxE on our website. HERE

In essence, Berkeley has authorized DxE and other maniacs to break into businesses and homes to rescue animals they deem to be threatened.

This precendent…

…affects any industry that uses animals, including agriculture, veterinary, equestrian, laboratory research, even homeowners are subject to being labeled as being cruel to animals. These groups who have no understanding of animal welfare, biosecurity, proper husbandry would now be free to tell professionals how to do their job.

Property rights — the foundation of all rights — are once again discarded in the name of moonbattery. If some kook thinks your dog should be on a vegan diet, he may feel authorized to break into your house and take it.

The next step will be to grant Antifa authority to make citizen’s arrests of suspected “fascists.”

This is the quintessence of modern leftism: wrapping raw tyranny in shiny paper that looks pretty to idiots.

Who cares what happens in the open air mental institution that is Berkeley? We all should. As goes California, so goes the nation. As goes Berkeley, so goes California.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

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