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Sep 05 2018

Solidarity Union Pushes Back in South Africa

The union Solidarity was a key player in confronting tyranny in Soviet-dominated Poland. Now a union with the same name plays the same role in black supremacist–dominated South Africa. Incensed by a share scheme offered only to black staff, mainly white Solidarity has staged a go-slow protest against Sasol, a producer of petrochemicals. A full strike is planned for Thursday.

Sasol, the world leader in technology that converts coal and gas to fuel, has sold 25 percent of its local operations to qualifying black employees, a foundation and the black public in a 21 billion rand ($1.5 billion) deal financed by the company.

The company says this is an attempt to comply with black empowerment mandates.

Sasol has operations in the USA. We’ll see if American regulators take an interest in the blatant discrimination, which would never be permitted if the victims were not Caucasians.

The ruling African National Congress said in a statement that it was concerned by the “obsession with perpetuating racial polarization” triggered by Solidarity’s protest.

Objecting to being victimized for racial reasons qualifies as “perpetuating racial polarization” only if you are white.

Solidarity has resisted similar race-biased share schemes at the cement firm PPC and mobile operator Vodacom. It is a lost cause, given that whites relegated themselves to permanent second-class citizen status in 1994, but when it comes to putting up a fight, late is better than never.

Solidarity has been waging a challenge against racial quotas in the workplace, and lodged a complaint against the policy in 2016 with the U.N. Human Rights Commission.

Good luck getting any help from the UN. Their skin is the wrong color.

People of European descent make up about 9% of the population of South Africa. They are expected to fall to 10% of the world population by 2060. As globalism advances, South Africa’s problems become a preview of our own.

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