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Dec 03 2018

Somali Children Bite Chunks Out of British Girl

Importing savages from the Third World does not make for a safe place to raise kids. Somali children bit chunks out of the face and body of a 17-month-old English girl and tried to strangle her. They bit Willow-Ivy Doherty at least 15 times, probably scarring her for life. Hearing the screams, her mother Becky…

…raced over to find Willow-Ivy blue and not breathing and the boy standing “with a big smile on his face, with blood all around his mouth”.

This happened not in the jungles and wastelands of the Dark Continent but at a play center in Seacroft, a suburb of Leeds. When the main attacker’s mother belatedly came forward, she repeatedly shouted, “That’s what kids do!”

Maybe that’s what kids do in Africa. Not in Britain. At least, not until recently.

Despite the sensational aspect of the story, the establishment media has barely reported it. This is in keeping with Big Media’s aggressive promotion of the West’s obliteration by demographic transformation. Information gatekeepers have kept salient facts from the public, including that the attackers were Somalis who probably arrived recently as refugees. As Mark Collett notes, they have even attempted to shift blame onto Willow-Ivy’s mother:

On tips from CNNPC and Dragon’s Lair.

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