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Sep 25 2019

Sometimes Being Inclusive Is Racist

Sometimes being inclusive is racist — so racist that it triggers demagogues to shout menacingly about cotton and plantations.

A top Democratic official in Alabama has said that one of his party’s U.S. senators in the state “is a racist” and accused him of marginalizing black party members and wanting them “to pick the cotton” but not “manage the plantation.”

The Democratic National Committee’s Black Caucus Vice Chairman Randy Kelley, who is black, blasted Doug Jones, who is white, and his allies in the DNC for pressuring African Americans to increase the representation of Hispanic, Asian, youth, gay, and disabled party members in a new “Diversity Caucus,” a move he argues would reduce the influence of black Democrats.

If you are a black pol, diversity is not about diversity. It is about blacks exerting power over nonblacks.

Presumably the other privileged identity groups feel the same way. That’s why Cultural Marxism is doomed to self-destruct. Let’s hope it does so before it brings down American society.

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