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Jun 19 2013

South Africa: America’s Future?

To get an idea of what Conan O’Brien’s audience is cheering when it enthusiastically applauds whites soon becoming a minority in America, look to South Africa, a country built by Europeans who immigrated to the region over the course of several centuries, which was coerced into jumping off a cliff into an abyss of political correctness:

From legally mandated race-based economic discrimination against whites to the thousands of farm murders targeting Boers across the nation, the problems are only getting worse. Poverty and unrest are spreading quickly as well.

The world’s most prominent expert on genocide, President Dr. Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch, already warned last year that the Afrikaner population could be on the verge of a government-linked extermination campaign.

During a fact-finding mission to South Africa, Stanton, who helped fight against apartheid, found evidence implicating the ruling African National Congress (ANC)-South African Communist Party (SACP) government in a plot to eradicate whites as part of a scheme to foist Marxist tyranny on the nation.

But, but… I was told that the communist terrorist Nelson Mandela’s party were the good guys!

According to Stanton,

“There is thus strong circumstantial evidence of government support for the campaign of forced displacement and atrocities against white farmers and their families. … There is direct evidence of [South African] government incitement to genocide.”

Is genocide still bad if you do it to white people? I am guessing that according to the moonbats who constitute our intelligentsia, the answer will be “no” right up until they face death themselves.

Due to the same Affirmative Action on steroids that we will have here when whites are a minority,

Hundreds of thousands of economically excluded Afrikaners now live in squalid squatter camps throughout South Africa without so much as running water or electricity.

Hundreds of thousands more have fled to Western nations seeking a better life.

They did the same when political correctness prevailed and Rhodesia (a.k.a. the Breadbasket of Africa) became the starving socialist hellhole Zimbabwe. Eventually whites will run out of places to run. By then it may be too late for self-defense.

The liberal media played a major role in bringing down apartheid, so it has little to say about the vastly worst system that replaced it. However, a recent BBC report did admit that

“Virtually every week the press here report the murders of white farmers, though you will not hear much about it in the media outside South Africa. In South Africa you are twice as likely to be murdered if you are a white farmer than if you are a police officer — and the police here have a particularly dangerous life. The killings of farmers are often particularly brutal.”

These murders often involve the death by torture of women and children. The Regime winks in tacit approval.

“The government has so far been unwilling to make solving and preventing these murders a priority,” the BBC report continued. …

The horrors have included drowning infants in boiling water, raping children, disemboweling whole families, dragging victims for miles behind a vehicle and other unimaginable atrocities.

If you aren’t fighting the “fundamental transformation” of America into a Third World country, you might be helping condemn your grandchildren to a similar fate.

Meanwhile, over 90% of farms stolen from whites are now failing, by the government’s own admission. It appears that shouting Marxist slogans imported from Western universities does not make the crops grow. The result in South Africa will be the same as it has been in Zimbabwe:


On a tip from DJ.

34 Responses to “South Africa: America’s Future?”

  1. justme says:

    Is black sponsored genocide on whites even newsworthy?

    In US inner cities the genocide of whites is attributed to “teens” and “crime”. A Caucasian Victim is not worth nearly the same as his melanin preferred attacker’s life. Just Ask the “white hispanic” George Zimmerman about that.

  2. justme says:

    And all of the white artists who decried the “evil” of Apartheid and granted living saint status to the head “necklacer” Mandela and his equally evil wife and their ANC remain blissfully silent on the wholesale slaughter of the innocent Caucasians.

  3. warning some post graphic and disturbing says:

    Daily reports of violence against whites in South Africa:

  4. dan says:

    a sobering reality check ,Dave. I read a Blog by a former ‘Boer'(…that’s farmer or land steward) and he’s wondering if he jumped from the pot into the fire.
    Still, a look at defense measures and techniques used
    for survival by remote farms is instructive….but the failures of security measures is catastrophic (and ALL
    defensive positions can and will be defeated…which is why the best defense is a good offense)

  5. justme says:

    Dan, in this climate even a defense, let alone an offense will be punished by the international community.

    I am fourth generation living in NY City. I grew up hearing all the stories about gang fights and killings on Brooklyn streets from the turn of the century through the 1950’s. What I have come to understand, much to even my amazement, if their is no fear of retribution, no fear of legal or extra-legal action, there will be no end to torment.

    Atrocities warrant reciprocal atrocities. The Bush Doctrine of going it alone-ism be damned of criticism is the only way to preserve ourselves.

  6. SandyS says:

    Look at the history of Haiti. That is the direction South Africa is heading. The killings and social decay are on it’s way.

  7. IOpian says:

    There is a reason why no great civilization has emerged from sub-equatorial Africa though they have had the longest time to evolve it. Unfortunately if we were to have that honest discussion about race that Eric Holder has suggested we avoid because we are cowards then any white person partaking in that discussion suggesting uncomfortable truths would be called a racist.

  8. Spider says:

    So, what is he, hero, traitor, anarchist, or dupe? Or even worse, is he a well-trained ChiCom mole that got busted and ran back to his masters?

  9. Lagnar says:

    My suggestion to white South Africans: Stop enabling your own destruction. Wait. What?

    Oh yeah, maybe the U.S. (Europe too) should do the same.

    Civilizations always fall when the barbarians gain control.

  10. Dr. 9 says:

    Have they found a pipeline for possibly getting spies and terrorists into the US, and using the Muslin-in-Chief’s Kenyan family as cover?

  11. dan says:

    it’s usually territory (location,location,location !)
    that binds a group together,although skin color,political or religious disposition can supersede any or all…but what’s need is a benevolent and omnicient ruler with a rod of iron to enforce cooperation

  12. Kevin R. says:

    The rise of the left is destroying civilization around the world.

    Leftists are so stupid that they don’t understand when they destroy the pillars of civilization nobody’s life is worth a plugged nickel anymore.

  13. whotothewhat says:

    I fully expect to see within my lifetime a Government sanctioned assault on Whites in this country and White Christians particularly. After all we do see the early signs of this in the media and in certain cities and neighborhoods. Plus the Government using agencies like the IRS and DHS and FBI to harass Tea Party, Vets and conservatives. I saw for myself the red faced hatred of Christian southerns yesterday when a new commercial spot produced for a Conservative group that was trying to stop voter fraud was being viewed by a co-worker. I have also noticed great discomfort of my son’s elementary school principal when I mentioned how well my son did during a church service in which he had to recite the 10 Commandments from memory and about the time he played Joesph in a church play. I could almost picture these people bursting into flames if I was to douse them in holy water. I would like to live long enough to see the deer caught in headlight looks these leftists would have once the hatred from those they have championed finally comes to them.

  14. Fiberal says:

    Rhodesia and S.A. were once economic powerhouses where the majority of blacks and whites co-existed.

    There was always massive immigration by blacks into S.A., even at the height of apartheid, bc they could do comparatively well.

    America will also soon see what the magnitude of that kind of immigration will do to this country once a Mexican Amnesty bill is passed.


    It is particularly unsettling to know that since the changes that have occurred in Rhodesia and S.A., were and are, nothing more than race-based, economic prosperity will never recover.

    Detroit has a better chance of becoming Hong Kong.


    All remaining (surviving) whites need to leave S.A. immediately.

    But just as America has left Zimmerman on his own, to be railroaded for nothing more than the racist pleasure of blacks and liberals, the world has also ignored en mass, the plight of S.A. whites.

    The moral compass of the liberal world who looked at apartheid as history’s most heinous crime, and now snub their noses at the horrendous persecution of S.A. whites, is complacently covered by a darkly-pigmented lense.

    But it should be noted and recorded for history, maybe in the Black Book of Communism, that Rhodesia and S.A. were and are still tremendous and abhorrent failures of liberalism –along with the myriad 20th century atrocities that inevitably accompany liberal-revolutionary moral corruption.

  15. Bo Jangles says:

    Mandela, like MLK, was nothing but a communist dupe, an allegedly “honest” cover for radical Marxists. In Mandela’s case, it was the ANC that controlled him. With MLK, it was the Communist Part USA that pulled his strings, kept his pockets filled, and supplied him with White woman.

    The best way to save Africa would be to exterminate all the people and leave it all to the animals, as God intended.

  16. Flu-Bird says:

    Enviromental radicals like to see little african kids die becuase the eco-freaks beleive in this POPULATION BOMB myth they dont want to africans to have clean running water and they banned the use of DDT becuase of RACHEAL CARSON big green lies

  17. Sweep the leg says:

    I gave up trying to comment on the black/white thing.

    It’s obvious to any normal, non-PC type, that blacks are a scab on civilization. ANY civilization. A parasitic race wherever they have been/are/will be. They have invented nothing. They demand whatever has been invented. They destroy whatever they come across. As S Africa (as well as Detroit, etc…), has proven, they are even incapable of merely SUSTAINING what they inherit.

    i know – I’m a racist. I know – Some of my best friends are black. I know – Allen West/Thomas Sowell. I know…

    Detroit/ Atlanta/ South Africa. Obama and Holder. History. Your own two eyes and ears. NOTHING will penetrate the evil of PC. Tuns out few can handle, let alone see, reality…

    The founding fathers KNEW that blacks were inferior.

    The South KNEW that segregation was the ONLY way to “live” with them.

    The same white people who scream that you are a racist, live as far from blacks as they can – drive unGodly distances to avoid them. Ah well…

    Doesn’t matter any more. We managed to piss away an amazing gift, all in the name of trying to prop up a race that pisses on whatever they come across.

    A holiday for the most bad-ass man to ever exist – George Washington? Fuck no, screw that racist old white guy. A holiday for the piece of shit MLK? Hell yeah! Plus streets, and statues, and sainthood (at some point – mark my words)!

    Whites owe blacks nothing. Internalize that.

  18. Bob Roberts says:

    I don’t know if someone beat me to it, but you all need to know the story behind that photo of the starving kid and the vulture. The photographer noticed the kid using what little strength he had, as he was literally starving to death as the photographer watched, to try to get to a food distribution point. The photographer realized there might be a shot in it and watched as the vulture landed, sensing the kid was likely not going to make it, would soon be too weak to move or fight, at which time the vulture would start feeding WITH THE KID STILL ALIVE. The photographer sat and watched until the light was right and the vulture and kid were lined up for the shot he wanted, made the shot, THEN LEFT. We can only guess what happened to the kid – likely there were some well fed vultures that evening.

  19. Marian says:

    Meanwhile in another part of Africa, thanks to odumbo and muslim thugs, Cairo, Egypt has become a trash-infested hellhole. While the bro-hood uses victimhood to extort money from us, they are letting the city and its people go to hell. Of course, the liberal hack media wouldn’t dare expose odumbo’s buddies and their corruption. Where are the good guys?

  20. DJ says:

    Bo Jangles says: “The best way to save Africa would be to exterminate all the people and leave it all to the animals, as God intended.”

    Exterminate all the “people“, Bo? Didn’t you mean exterminate all the sub-human groids?

    In any event, here’s a better idea: just let groids provide for themselves — zero outside assistence. Left to their own devices, their population will naturally be reduced down to near zero in a generation or two.

  21. DJ says:

    “If you want to witness the end result of what in America is called ‘diversity’, you must read ‘Into the Cannibal’s Pot’.” – Thomas J. Dilorenzo

  22. Fiberal says:


    The child, along with many others at the time, may or may not have survived the famine; the vulture (possibly) was chased away by Carter himself, who later in poverty and depression, and citing memories of African misery, went home and committed suicide.

    The vulture has its lot in nature; Carter struggled with his lot in life, and the Sudanese did what they always do.

    Except perhaps for the Sudanese, I don’t see an opportunity for blame here.

  23. Bob Roberts says:

    Hmmm is that the way you heard it? He chased the vulture away? And then left, and the vulture came right back! I’ve chased birds away before, they come right back as soon as you turn your back. My understanding is he did not lift a finger to either A) Get the kid some food and water or B) Get the kid to anywhere the kid could get the help it needed.

    The point is he left the kid there to die. And the kid, unless someone else came along to help it, was almost certainly eaten while still alive and possibly still able to feel at least the beginning of the end.

    And that is why Carter ultimately committed suicide.

    I wasn’t BLAMING anyone.

    That’s not up to me.

    I was pointing out that for all their claimed compassion, when offered the opportunity to either do something good (get the kid immediate help) or to do something selfish (get a prizewinning photo) liberals will choose the selfish, non-compassionate choice nearly every time.

    Not blaming, not judging, just stating a fact.

  24. Bob Roberts says:

    Oh and by the way as I suspected, I was wrong. The child apparently was a girl, not a boy. I thought, after the first post, I’d gotten that wrong.

  25. Bob Roberts says:

    Kevin Carter said he waited about 20 minutes, hoping that the vulture would spread its wings. It didn’t.

    After taking the picture, he told an interviewer, he sat under a tree for a long time, “smoking cigarettes and crying”.

    Not picking up the girl and taking her to the nearby food distribution point. Not bringing some food and water back. Not doing ANYTHING to actually help the girl.

    Crying and smoking cigarettes – two activities that were selfish.

    Haunted by the questions as to the little girl’s fate, he committed suicide three months later.

    source of some of the above: iconicphotos(dot)wordpress(dot)com

    Just search on Kevin Carter and starving child.

  26. Bob Roberts says:

    Carter, like many hard-core dagga users, moved on to something more dangerous: smoking the “white pipe,” a mixture of dagga and Mandrax, a banned tranquiliser containing methaqualone.

    Marinovich won a Pulitzer for his September 1990 photographs of a Zulu being stabbed to death by ANC supporters. That prize raised the stakes for the rest of the club – especially Carter. And for Carter other comparisons cropped up. Though Oosterbroek was his best friend, they were, according to Nachtwey, “like the polarities of personality types. Ken was the successful photographer with the loving wife. His life was in order.” Carter had bounced from romance to romance, fathering a daughter out of wedlock.

    Hundreds of people wrote and called the Times asking what had happened to the child (the paper reported that it was not known whether she reached the feeding centre).

    At the same time, he seemed to be stepping up his drug habit, including smoking the white pipe. A week after the Bop executions, he was seen staggering around while on assignment at a Mandela rally in Johannesburg. Later he crashed his car into a suburban house and was thrown in jail for 10 hours on suspicion of drunken driving. His superior at Reuter was furious at having to go to the police station to recover Carter’s film of the Mandela event. Carter’s girlfriend, Kathy Davidson, a schoolteacher, was even more upset. Drugs had become a growing issue in their one-year relationship. Over Easter, she asked Carter to move out until he cleaned up his life.

    Carter was feted at some of the most fashionable spots in New York City. Restaurant patrons, overhearing his claim to fame, would come up and ask for his autograph. Photo editors at the major magazines wanted to meet the new hotshot, dressed in his black jeans and T shirts, with the tribal bracelets and diamond-stud earring.

    And then suicide, the ultimate selfish act.


    At the same time (well, back and forth) I was posting where you couldn’t include links as such – forgot you could here for a second!

    Here’s the link to the info in the last post:

  27. DJ says:

    Let me remind you, Bob, there is a deliberate and ongoing GENOCIDE taking place against White South Africans.

    Please get your priorities in order!

    F’ing bleeding heart sanctimonious white-libs are nauseating.

  28. Fiberal says:


    Whatever Carter’s culpability in the Sudanese famine says nothing at all about the deplorable consequences of liberalism.

    Give it a rest…sheeez.

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  30. Jester says:

    “The government has so far been unwilling to make solving and preventing these murders a priority,” the BBC report continued. … The horrors have included drowning infants in boiling water, raping children, disemboweling whole families, dragging victims for miles behind a vehicle and other unimaginable atrocities.

    Ah, yes. The bitter fruits of the Left.

  31. AnalogMan says:

    Speaking as a White South African, it’s encouraging to see a healthy trend in the comments on this site, away from PC, and toward race realism. I had despaired of seeing any honest discussion here, with the articles and earlier comments blaming “liberalism” for what were obviously negro pathologies.

    The word is getting out. For the unvarnished facts, visit Stuff Black People Don’t Like.

  32. AnalogMan says:

    Sorry, here’s that link again: Stuff Black People Don’t Like.

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