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Jun 07 2018

South Africa Demonstrates That Affirmative Action Does Not Stop Even When Whites Are Underrepresented

At least when Joe Biden gets his way and whites are a minority in America, we will be rid of Affirmative Action, so that merit will once again be the primary consideration in hiring, promotions, and admissions.

Or maybe not.

If those advancing the interests of blacks against those of everyone else already have the leverage to impose Affirmative Action with blacks at 13% of the U.S. population, what’s to stop them from throwing Affirmative Action into overdrive as massive Third World immigration coupled with welfare incentives causes that population to grow?

Consider South Africa, where whites comprise a small and shrinking percentage of the populace, just like they will in North America if demographic trends continue. The South African constitution that Justice Ginsburg prefers to our own specifically requires that civil service jobs be doled out on a racial basis so as to achieve equality. However, “equality” in practice means discrimination against whites, and that discrimination hardly stops when nonwhites get the whip hand.

There is still no sign that Affirmative Action (AA) will let up, despite the fact that demographic targets in the civil service have already been reached and that white people, in particular, are being forced out of the state’s workforce and have already been underrepresented for quite some time now.

Blacks make up 79.2% of South Africa’s population, but 81.4% of the civil service.

Maybe it’s because they are more qualified. Maybe people don’t need jobs anyway, because tomorrow winged pigs will fly down from the heavens bestowing us all with unimaginable riches. Then again, merit is probably irrelevant in South Africa’s obscenely bloated civil service, which has been called “the largest gravy train ever seen in Africa.”

Whites who have not escaped or been killed are down to 8.9% of the population and 7.5% of the civil service, the latter number being reduced from 8.8% 4 years ago. At this rate of decline, there will be no whites at all working for the government in 23 years, although it may be optimistic to project any whites left alive in the rainbow utopia that far in the future.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

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