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Jun 21 2017

South Africa Reaches the Tipping Point: More on Welfare Than Working

Progressivism progresses toward a tipping point. This point has been achieved in South Africa, according to the Institute of Race Relations:

The IRR survey showed that in 2001 there were 12 494 000 people in employment and 3 993 133 people receiving social grants.

Fifteen years later‚ there were more people receiving social grants in South Africa than there were people with jobs.

According to IRR analyst Gerbrandt van Heerden: “In 2016‚ there were 15 545 000 people with jobs in South Africa while 17 094 331 people were receiving social grants.”

When a minority is forced to carry the majority on its back, the welfare state has become a slave state.

From here the vicious cycle inherent in welfare swirls straight down the pipes. As van Heerden observes,

“The numbers are a recipe for social and political chaos. With South Africa formally in recession‚ the government will find it difficult to afford the cost of its social grants programme. As the economy stagnates‚ and tax revenue slows‚ demand for more grants will increase. The government will then have to cut other areas of expenditure in order to meet popular demands for more and higher grants. We predict that this will lead to much higher levels of violent protest action.”

Meanwhile, Julius Malema of the Economic Freedom Fighters, whose platform essentially consists of looting whites and driving them out of the country, barks that “When the EFF take over, we will ensure the state owns all the land.” That is, they will impose communism. Who will vote against them, when the majority is living off other people’s wealth, expropriated and redistributed by the government?

I hope liberals around the world enjoyed the warm glow of self-righteousness after bullying South Africa into committing suicide. It would be a shame to think that a Western nation will be erased and replaced with another Zimbabwe for no reason at all.

On tips from ABC of the ANC.

22 Responses to “South Africa Reaches the Tipping Point: More on Welfare Than Working”

  1. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Anyone with a lick of sense has left.

    It won’t be pretty.

  2. John27 says:

    Time to bug out and let the savages starve in the ruins.

  3. geeknerd says:

    THERE’S your “Day without ‘white’ people,” although technically the “white” people were Brits and Dutch Boers.

  4. Hungjumper says:

    Why not? Working well in Caracas.

  5. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Still they are whites.

  6. KauaiGoneGin says:

    South Africa is demonstrating, live, the Cloward-Piven strategy. Pay attention class. This is what the demsocialists want for America.

  7. geeknerd says:

    What about Pollocks and Micks? Frogs and Krauts? Slavs from Eastern Europe? The Nazi’s didn’t think that last group was white.

    I was amazed to discover that the founder of the Aryan Brotherhood in prison wasn’t “Aryan” (Germanic) he was Irish (Celtic), which is why only ABs can sport shamrock tattoos in prison! LOL

    I still don’t understand how the Aryans, the progenitors of the Babylonians and Chaldeans, are considered the progenitors of the Caucasiod races. I mean, Abram’s family came from Ur of the Chaldeas, so technically, the Jews and their cousins the Arabs are more Aryan than any pale-skinned Scandinavian.

  8. Buffalobob says:

    Mendel’s and obama’s free society.

  9. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    Civilization is on the retreat across the globe. The barbarians have stormed the gates, looted the homes and pillaged the fields everywhere they marched openly on a couple of decades ago. They are openly marching across America and the remains of Europe now. Any guesses as to what Europe and The Americas will be in 30 years?

  10. StephaneDumas says:

    On a off-topic sidenote, Mike Smith who maintained a blog about South Africa had decided to close his blog. However some of his blog posts are archived on like his last blog post. And you can still save the Google cache of his blog posts on while they still have them.

  11. StephaneDumas says:

    America it’s hard to said, as for Europe, Central and Eastern Europe had better chances to not end like Western Europe as novelist Tom Kratman described in his dystopian novel Caliphate.

  12. Come&TakeIt says:

    And go where? Some white families have SA roots that go back nearly 400 years. From what history I’ve read, they’ve been there much longer than the Sub Saharan Negro race.

  13. JackisBack says:

    Send South Africa all of America’s blacks where they can use their talents to rebuild the motherland and live as kings and queens again.

  14. GOPcongress says:

    Keep in mind this is EXACTLY what the despots in leadership positions want, for it means it will give them carte blanche to suspend democracy and introduce despotism/communism. RE: Soviet Union, Venezuela

  15. dance...dancetotheradio says:

    Well then, let’s take in the real refugees.

  16. Mr. Freemarket says:


    When you life is on the line, you find a way to get out.

  17. Coragsturdivant says:

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  18. chris black says:

    Great, another failed country that will be sending all their unskilled, uneducated losers to the US to collect welfare.

  19. magic1114 says:

    Will the last white person leaving S.A. please turn out the lights? Oh, never mind, the savages will just ignore the power station until it turns into a pile of rust…

  20. Otis Longear says:

    the Dark continent.
    Soon to be .. literally.

  21. Come&TakeIt says:

    Agreed. I only hope Trump makes it as easy to get here as it is for Muslims. Obama sure didn’t.

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