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Nov 14 2019

South Park Takes on Transgender Athletes

The list of women’s sports reduced to farce by transsexual bullying includes cricket, cycling, rugby, weightlifting, track, handball, football, wrestling, mixed martial arts, basketball — and as of yesterday, the Strong Woman Competition in South Park, Colorado.

Via NewsBusters:

PC Principal’s girlfriend and mother of his PC Babies, Vice Principal Strong Woman, sought to defend her title at the Strong Woman Competition, but not all went as planned when a trans athlete in the mold of former WWF wrestler Macho Man joined in and beat up on the competition.

Highlights from the episode:

Enter PC Principal:

What a refreshing change to see something other than obsequious groveling in the face of the cultural wrecking ball that is the transsexual agenda.

On a tip from Kate P.

One Response to “South Park Takes on Transgender Athletes”

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