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Dec 13 2018

Sports Illustrated Inspiration of the Year Christine Blasey Ford

The moonbats at Sports Illustrated care more about inculcating corrosive leftist ideology than they do about sports. Nonetheless, they can’t directly give their Inspiration of the Year award to Christine Blasey Ford, because she has nothing whatsoever to do with sports. However, she did strike mighty blows against conservatives, due process, the presumption of innocence, and the American system in general with her scurrilous accusations against Brett Kavanaugh. So they picked former gymnast Rachael Denhollander, who blew the #MeToo whistle on serial child molester Larry Nassar. Then they chose Christine Blasey Ford to grant her the award.

#MeToo is the only connection between Ford and Denhollander. They are on opposite ends of the #MeToo spectrum. Denhollander is a victim whose case was proven in court; Ford is a victimizer who exploited the phenomenon for fame, fortune, and to advance her wacky political agenda. Sports Illustrated advances the similar agenda prevailing in sports media by deliberately conflating these polar opposites.

By equating Ford’s vicious lies with Denhollander’s legitimate revelations of wrongdoing, they were effectively able to give the award to Ford, who self-indulgently praised herself in an endorsement video under the flimsy cover of praising Denhollander:

“I am in awe of you, and I will always be inspired by you,” Ford says. “In stepping forward, you took a huge risk, and you galvanized future generations to come forward even when the odds are seemingly stacked against [them].”

She adds, “The lasting lesson is what we all have the power to create real change, and we cannot allow ourselves to be defined by the acts of others.”

Ford is definitely talking about Denhollander and not herself.

Or rather, no she isn’t. See if you can sit through it:

The whole farce allows the politically driven liar Ford to upstage the truth-telling Denhollander. It thereby allows exploitative harpies with maleficent feminist objectives to upstage legitimate victims of sexual abuse.

On a tip from Varla. Hat tips: Hot Air, Maggie’s Farm.

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