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Jul 14 2020

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Features Guy in a Bikini

No tradition escapes desecration and/or eradication by moonbats, not even the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, which will push political correctness to a new extreme of nauseating tastelessness by featuring a guy wearing a bikini and pretending to be a girl. He calls himself Valentina Sampaio:

On Friday, the 23-year-old Brazilian native confirmed [he] was named a 2020 Rookie for the publication’s upcoming issue, out July 21.

Sampaio has also been used to inject depravity into Victoria’s Secret “as its first-ever openly transgender model.” Whether there were previous transgender models who kept their real gender secret is doubtful.

Still more doubtful is that more than an infinitesimal fraction of the customers buying the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue want to look at pictures of some weird guy posing in a bikini. But business isn’t about giving customers what they want anymore. It’s about imperiously rubbing their faces in wokeness, as if we had to buy whatever they put in front of us no matter how much it disgusts us.

On a tip from Steve T.

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