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Nov 01 2012

Spreading the Wealth Around as Sandy’s Winds Blew

A surveillance video captured a little of the Hope & Change that blossomed in NYC during Hurricane Sandy:

Want to place your stamp of approval on the mentality that is reducing our country to this sort of jungle? Vote Democrat.

On tips from Wiggins and Artfldgr.

10 Responses to “Spreading the Wealth Around as Sandy’s Winds Blew”

  1. YES WE CON! says:

    Welcome to our

  2. Jimbo says:

    Yep – those beaters are democrats alright. Obama probably sees stuff like that and wishes he could beat people, too, rather than just robbing them.

  3. Mike T says:

    Wanna bet they’re niggers?

  4. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Silence thyself, thou moby.

  5. .sepp says:

    Nothing a few double taps couldn’t have handled…or, better yet, SHOULD have handled.

  6. Your Inner Voice says:

    I’m hoping someone is handy with a ban hammer to tap out the floaties like that “Mike T” thingy.

  7. Grunt says:

    Remember not, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

    They’re just following their political icons!

  8. Grunt says:

    Oops…meant to write “Remember noW”.

  9. Grunt says:

    YesWeCon–(love the name!)–New Nation would do more for its credibility if it were to stick to the actual issues and not be filled with terms like “she boon” and “chimping out” as some of the milder examples. Even if the stuff they offer up as news there is a hundred percent credible, the environment of the site has a very “white supremacist” feel to it.

    I understand that folks feel that way, and they are entitled to do so. I don’t hat them for their views. However, in light of the tenor the site sets, I prefer to find my news from other sources rather than go read there.

    I don’t think black people are apes and monkeys, I don’t think they belong in the jungle or with bones in their hair/through their nose, and so forth, and that’s kinda the atmosphere over there. It hurts them and perpetuates stereotypes.

    It would be so much easier to ignore if it weren’t in practically every post, and at least on every page or article. (Seriously…that was my experience when I went there years ago.) It has the potential to taint any site that links to it.

  10. Grunt says:

    Meant to write “I don’t hate them for their views.” Sorry.

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