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Apr 16 2018

Sri Lankan Refugees to Collect Jackpot Justice After Starving Their Own Baby

It is not as if Third World “refugees” pour into the West just for the welfare benefits. Some come for the jackpot justice:

The Sri Lankan family of a brain damaged child is set for a multi-million-pound NHS payout because midwives didn’t explain the importance of feeding their newborn, a judge has ruled.

Nilujan Rajatheepan’s parents are Tamil refugees who spoke little English when he was born in a good condition at King George Hospital in Goodmayes, Essex, in July 2009.

Now Nilujan has cerebral palsy and severe physical and cognitive impairment as a result of not being fed.

Judge Martin McKenna blamed British medics for failing to overcome the language barrier so as to inform the refugees that you are supposed to feed babies, which evidently is not done in their own exotic culture.

You certainly can’t blame the parents who starved their child; that would be racist. So McKenna holds the National Health Service responsible.

‘No one had ever given [the mother] a clear and understandable explanation of the importance of feeding – still less how she should respond if she had concerns,’ he said.

Bend over, British taxpayers; here it comes again.

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