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Oct 08 2012

Stacey Dash Escapes the Plantation

Kudos to actress Stacey Dash, not because she plans to vote for Mitt Romney like every other responsible American, but because despite living in the entertainment world she dared to announce it publically, and then stood up to the predictable moonbat onslaught:

“Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future. @mittromney @teamromney #mittromney #VOTE #voteromney,” Dash wrote on her official Twitter page, accompanied by a photo of herself with an American flag.

Not long after, presumed Obama supporters began insulting Dash for her opinion, saying she isn’t “black” enough, several even asking if the actress would just “kill herself.”

One man wrote: “This hurts but you a Romney lover and you slutting yourself to the white man only proves why no black man married u @REALStaceyDash.”

As news of Dash’s treatment spread, however, First Amendment-lovers nationwide began voicing their support for the actress using the hashtag #ISupportStaceyDash.

No doubt the support is appreciated, but Dash doesn’t seem to need it. She has been taking her moonbat attackers by the nose and kicking them in the pants:

Dash was apparently undeterred by the cruel reaction, and sent a number of sarcastic responses to the worst offenders, wrote a tweet reminding that she is entitled to her own opinion, and — to top it off — re-tweeted a Romney campaign message.

“Women have had enough of @BarackObama’s disappointment. We need new leadership to get our economy growing again…” the re-tweeted message reads.

Dash must love her country to stand up for it in the face this venom:


Yet it is patriots who are portrayed by the liberal establishment as racist.

Dash counts as black.

On tips from G. Fox and Sam Adams.

14 Responses to “Stacey Dash Escapes the Plantation”

  1. chuck in st paul says:

    Once again one should point out that so many of our conservative women are so lovely and bright.

    While the other side are mostly like characters in a Tim Burton feature or old timey black-and-white horror movie. Lately I think I’ve seen the face shimmer/reveal like in ‘Grimm’ on a lot of the libtard females. Their inner beast seems to be revealing itself. (now where did I leave the garlic and silver bullets…??)

  2. TED says:

    Of course NONE of this is racist since it comes from the very people that has made the term a national JOKE! Excellent example of how the left interrupts the 1st amendment (Only if they are saying what I want to hear.). New campaign slogan – Display the Hypocrisy!

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  4. SwingStateVoter says:

    Unreal that the fact that she is black and female is the first thing that ”progressives” notice and attack, while the tone of the article (and I’m sure most other conservative takes on the situation) was simply expressing pleasant surprise that a Hollywood type was ballsy enough to come out in support of Romney. Yet somehow, conservatives are the racists. I guess if the liberal establishment lies big and long enough, the sheeple will bite.

  5. StanInTexas says:

    Add to that Bristol Palin getting death threats and “white powder” letters on Dancing with the Stars and you have excellent examples of the Left’s tolerance for freedom.

  6. Tarzan says:

    I was looking at some other photos of Stacy Dash. If she’s gonna fall on the black side, I just may have to reconsider that “Jungle Fever” thing. Scoot over, Jane.

  7. Doug says:

    Agreed, she’s very juicy.

    But she looks like a cross between this and this.

  8. Ummah Gummah says:


    She looks as black as my mom..


  9. Rickyd says:

    Black, beautiful and smart. Great combination. You go girl. Don’t you let the 47% run you down.

  10. Bill Jones says:

    A little Dash’ll do ya!

  11. Son of Taz says:

    I’d never heard of her before this post, but after seeing her picture, I’m sure I won’t forget her!

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  13. CleverOne says:

    Funny thing is, republicans were the ones that let these assholes free, yet they all vote for democrats. Comedy.

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