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May 16 2018

Staggering Dumbness from Kathleen Parker on Embassy Move

Today’s Washington Post piece in which Kathleen Parker denounces the U.S. embassy move to Jerusalem is staggeringly dumb. How do we know this? Because everything Parker writes is staggeringly dumb.

What, you didn’t think that paragraph constituted a cogent analysis? But I was only borrowing Ms. Parker’s sophisticated style of argument. An actual quote from the piece:

The embassy was moved because it served Trump. How do we know this? Because everything Trump does is for Trump.

Why is it only in Trump’s best interest and not America’s if not the whole world’s not to let terrorists dictate where we put our embassies?

It burnished his tough-guy brand by demonstrating that he keeps his word and by putting Iran on further notice that he means business.

America could not possibly benefit from showing strength to terrorists. The only wise course is groveling appeasement, as all WaPo readers know.

Parker buttresses her argument with snark. We are expected to roll our eyes at this:

[Jared] Kushner, whose task as adviser is to secure Middle East peace, noted in his remarks that the Palestinian protesters were “part of the problem,” an analysis seconded by U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley the next day.

True enough; Muslim agitators (and their supporters among Western liberals, e.g., Kathleen Parker) are not part of the problem; they are the problem, period.

But what about the “tragedy unfolding 50 miles away in Gaza [where] Israeli soldiers opened fire on Palestinian protesters, killing at least five dozen and wounding thousands more”? Surely that proves that acknowledging Israel’s capital was a horrid thing to do.

That’s why Palestinians are so willing to get themselves and each other killed. They know that in a world deranged by moonbattery, the ultimate weapon is to be a sniveling hapless loser who has been victimized. It easily defeats even nuclear weapons, as the demise of formerly nuclear South Africa demonstrates. That’s why they have Pallywood.

Now for something even more staggeringly dumb. At WaPo, Parker passes for a token conservative. She balances out even more unhinged lefties like Dana Milbank, demonstrating that the publication tells both sides of the story, just like a grownup newspaper.

For Ms. Parker’s edification.

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