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Aug 27 2019

Stanford Offers Segregated Physics Courses

The moral high ground allegedly occupied by liberals was largely attained by standing atop the civil rights struggles that put an end to segregation. However, resegregation has been driven by the Left. Universities have already introduced segregated dormitories and graduation ceremonies. Now they have racially segregated classes.

Via Campus Reform:

Stanford University is pushing a separate physics course for minorities in hopes that it will result in more diversity among physics majors.

Physics is among the least diverse departments at Stanford, because it takes special aptitude and a lot of hard work to handle the coursework.

Other schools might dumb down the classes for everyone. But the smart folks at Stanford came up with a better idea.

One step Stanford has taken is promoting a modified version of the standard Mechanics course, a requirement for physics majors, boasting “added support.”

Stanford’s alternate version of this course, Physics 41E, boasts additional class time, as well as “learning assistants,” individuals with a “passion” for “education equity,” who are paid by the university to guide students through the difficult course.

Sorry, white and Asian guys. You probably don’t qualify for a special learning assistant. Helping you would not advance education equity.

But what if the learning assistants are not able to coach underrepresented students through the difficult material? That’s when educrats fall back on bubblegum:

Other courses offered to bridge the supposed diversity problem at Stanford include two one-unit physics courses that address not physics itself, but rather concepts of diversity within the discipline.

One of these courses is led by students and involves applying “critical race theory,” a strategy for advancing Cultural Marxism by relentlessly denigrating Caucasians.

This is the same pernicious idiocy that passes for education in sociology departments, where even the slowest students should manage to graduate.

You can’t get a degree in physics from Stanford by only taking courses on diversity yet, but give it time. There may be no other way to achieve quotas.

On tips from R F, Guy B, Greg O, sowsear1, and Steve T.

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