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Jul 09 2018

Star Trek Could Be Headed for Memory Hole

Fans of Star Trek: The Original Series are forewarned — the show could be headed for the Memory Hole.

A brouhaha exploded on Twitter when 87-year-old William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk on Star Trek, objected to Laura Ingalls Wilder getting erased for not holding phony 21st century attitudes about 19th century savages when she was writing back in the 1930s. He didn’t defend her attitudes; he just didn’t think she should be frog-marched into the Memory Hole over them.

For questioning the Thought Police, he was denounced as a racist and a Nazi sympathizer. The Twitter war went on for a week, largely consisting of attacks on Shatner from two Female Professors of Color. One of them is Ebony Elizabeth, a tenured professor at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. This demonstrates the level of intellect you can expect of Ivy League professors these days, compliments of Affirmative Action:

“Problematic.” Uh oh.

When Shatner pushed back, Professor Ebony denounced him for characterizing “Black women professors as trolls” — an obvious thought crime.

In the fury, it was revealed that Star Trek did not feature a sufficient amount of interracial sexual activity. Roared one Offended Woman of Color,

“…did you need to be told Star Trek was racist? That having an interracial kiss ONLY when ALIENS have infected the crew is coded racism?”

If you like the original Star Trek, buy it on DVD. It may soon get disappeared, as happened to the Dukes of Hazard after moonbats retroactively banned the flag on the roof of the General Lee.

On a tip from Lyle.

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