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Jan 15 2020

Star Wars Music Denounced as Racist

A social justice warrior’s work is never done, because racism is everywhere. Consider Star Wars, a franchise that was ruined many films ago by its fanatical devotion to political correctness (see e.g. here, here, here, here, here, and here). You may have to be a Stanford PhD student like Jeffrey Chen to notice it, but even Star Wars is racist.

This was published not in some obscure academic journal but in the Washington Post:

Star Wars is shot with “Orientalizing” stereotypes — patronizing tropes that represent an imagined East, or the Orient, as inferior to the rational, heroic West. Think, for example, of the uniformed conformity of the evil Empire vs. the scrappy (American) individualism of the rebel heroes, the vague Eastern mysticism of the Force and its Shaolin-cum-Samurai practitioners, and the uncomfortable racial stereotypes embodied in the hookah-smoking Jabba and the miserly Watto.

Chen is particularly incensed by the racist score composed by John Williams.

Williams’s music associates the “good guys” with the grand orchestral style of the European Romantics (think of the beautifully hummable melodies for Luke, Leia and Rey), while the themes for the “bad guys” are expressed in the vocabulary of Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern music.

If Williams were more woke, he would have realized that alien foreign cultures should always be associated with good, and our own culture with bad.

But this music reinforces, even at an unconscious level, the primacy of Western culture against an imagined “other” that reproduces harmful prejudices in pop culture that, given the power of mass media, has larger political consequences.

Perhaps we would have already achieved utopia if not for musical scores that reinforce the primacy of a culture that must be erased.

Worst of all, Williams is Caucasian.

The practice of hiring white composers to imitate non-Western music when it comes time to introduce bad guys, usually with a European-style orchestra, continues to this day.

No worries, moonbats. When utopia has been imposed, thought criminals like John Williams will be too busy breaking rocks in gulags to compose racist music.

In the meantime, expanding the Affirmative Action that so conspicuously determines casting so that composers are also selected by race might help alleviate the racism:

There are plenty of young composers of non-Western descent whose work deserves to be heard and to frame our stories…

It is not hyperbole to observe that liberal intellectuals are explicitly attempting to abolish our culture. They are quite open about this:

The continuous association of the alien with non-Western music is, by implication, an argument that Western music should be the norm against which all other traditions are judged. This reinforces American identity as being distinctly Western European in sound, even if we have moved past this thinking in other areas, especially in matters of race.

Imagine an American in China demanding that Chinese music not be associated with heroes in movies. It wouldn’t fly, because Chinese culture is not in the process of being extirpated.

Piece by piece, all of American civilization will be denounced as racist and eradicated, until it will be as if we had never existed. It’s a big job, but without it, much of academia would have nothing to do.

On a tip from Rapinhoe.

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