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Dec 19 2018

Starbucks Restrooms Update

When race thugs demanded to use Starbucks restrooms and loiter without buying anything, the company obsequiously responded by opening the restrooms to one and all. Let’s see how that is working out:

[A] Post survey found some supposedly liberated loos in different Manhattan neighborhoods closed to everyone. …

A half-dozen toilets were locked or barricaded for no clear reason. Others were closed for prolonged “cleaning,” which an insider said was needed after extreme soiling caused by drug-using, incontinent vagrants.

“Letting everybody in has resulted in nobody getting in,” an employee at one branch fumed.

This is a basic rule of socialism. If everyone gets it for free, then in the end no one gets it. The same rule applies to healthcare.

On a tip from Steve T.

One Response to “Starbucks Restrooms Update”

  1. […] expressed its capitulation to leftist bullies by opening its restrooms even to noncustomers. As noted previously, this has not worked out well. Baristas have been getting pricked with drug fiends’ needles. […]

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