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May 24 2022

State Farm Promotes LGBT Indoctrination of 5-Year-Olds

Just 2 years ago, corporate America was liberal-leaning but more or less conventional. Then came the Black Lives Matter riots, which inspired virtually every major corporation to throw in its lot with the radical left. The devotion to extreme moonbattery by companies like State Farm is now almost beyond belief:

State Farm is encouraging its agents in Florida to donate books promoting transgenderism to 5-year-olds to their local schools or public libraries, according to an email shared by a whistleblower.

That will teach Ron DeSantis a lesson for putting the brakes on sexual indoctrination in the classroom for kindergarten through third grade.

State Farm has partnered with the GenderCool Project, which promotes issues of gender identity in children through various advocacy and public awareness programs, to donate a packet of three books to local schools and public libraries.

The books push the insane, perverted, and exceedingly unhealthy dogma that boys can become girls and vice versa. GenderCool Project markets them to age 5 and over.

“The project’s goal is to increase representation of LGBTQ+ books and support our communities in having challenging, important and empowering conversations with children age 5+,” the email said.

How siccing LGBT groomers on 5-year-olds helps sell insurance is anyone’s guess.

In the email, State Farm’s Jose Soto, a Florida “corporate responsibility analyst,” seeks to recruit insurance agents to help distribute the books. The purpose is “to give back,” confirming that this expression is as meaningless as it is irritating, and to “help support the LGBTQ+ community” — that is, support it in its efforts to corrupt children by sowing seeds of mental illness and sexual depravity.

Florida may be ground zero because Disney leads the march to hell as the quintessential morally rotten moonbat corporation and because Governor DeSantis has put up resistance. But this campaign is not limited to one state:

“Nationwide, approximately 550 State Farm agents and employees will have the opportunity to donate this three book bundle to their local teacher, community center, or library of their choice,” Soto wrote in the email.

Such books will be illegal in Florida classrooms through third grade as of July 1, thanks to the Parental Rights in Education Bill.

Some degree of trust is required when buying insurance. Would you trust the sort of people who ignore the law in an attempt to sexually corrupt 5-year-olds?

We have seen what pushing the sick LGBT agenda on children has done for Disney’s public image. Let’s hope it does the same for State Farm.

“Like a good neighbor,” go the ads, “State Farm is there.” If you have neighbors like State Farm, keep them away from your kids until you can move.

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