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Jul 10 2020

State Rep Candidate Cancels Himself for Being Caucasian

The Cancel Culture has reached such a frenzy that a Democrat candidate for State Representative has canceled himself, explicitly for being a Caucasian. From Taxachusetts:

The lone white candidate in the race for the Massachusetts 12th Suffolk House seat — a district made up of 70% Black residents — is dropping out in the wake of the national civil rights movement [i.e., the endless rioting, vandalism, and general mayhem] that was sparked by the police killing of [violent career criminal] George Floyd.

Notice how they capitalize “Black” but not “white.” That is deliberate editorial policy in the liberal media, to signify who you are supposed to revere and who you are supposed to despise.

Cam Charbonnier, a longtime aide for Boston Mayor Martin Walsh, cited this “inspiring” movement in his decision to leave the race as he wrote in a letter on Thursday, “I realize that this is not my moment.”

It is not his moment because he is racist against his own race.

“In these extraordinary times, and in a district where communities of color make up an overwhelming proportion of its residents, I have decided … that the best way that I can serve this movement is by stepping aside as a candidate.”

He then went on to blather contemptibly about the imaginary “scourge of systemic racism and racial injustice that our nation has yet to reckon with.”

A quick glance at his picture explains everything. Soft as rotting apple sauce, Charbonnier couldn’t look more quintessentially liberal if he put on a pink tutu.

This is rich:

Many voters during the campaign have asked him how a white man would represent the district that’s made up of 70% Black residents, he said.

The USA was still 72% white in 2010. Barack Obama was elected in 2008 and 2012. Yet we are told to believe that the country is racist against blacks.

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