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Nov 24 2019

Statue of Bum Erected in Santa Monica

A society erects statues of those who embody the values it venerates. That’s why statues of great historical figures who represent the best of our culture when it was healthy are under attack (e.g., Thomas Jefferson, George Washington) now that it is sick with moonbattery. New statues will appear that reflect what we believe in currently: irresponsibility, self-imposed victimhood, self-indulgence, uselessness, dysfunction, psychosis. This process has already begun:

A seven-foot-tall sculpture of a homeless man was unveiled Monday in the courtyard of the former Santa Monica bank building once graced by the iconic mural “Pleasures Along the Beach.”

The mural was no doubt considered too wholesome to be appropriate. The bum statue by “Los Angeles artist and activist Ed Massey,” sardonically entitled “In the Image,” is more in tune with the times.

The new sculpture — which will be on display for six weeks — depicts a bearded homeless man in baggy clothes staring at a red plastic cup in his hand, a blanket draped across a shoulder.

This is not Massey’s first adventure in public tastelessness:

The artist caused a stir in Santa Monica 25 years ago when he installed a sculpture in an office building window depicting two figures of men hanging from their genitals above a raped woman.

We had already hit bottom a quarter century ago. Since then, we have been digging.

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